Dota Auto Chess is an incredibly successful mod of Dota 2, a MOBA game developed by Valve. People usually make comparisons between this mod and another title by Valve named Artifact, and the winner is always Auto Chess. It's even described as "the joyful deck-based Dota 2 game that Artifact isn't".

Dota Auto Chess is a famous custom game of Dota 2.

In fact, the mod is so popular that Valve itself decided to make a version for Steam. But in a recent announcement, Valve has revealed that there is no partnership with Drodo Studios, the original creator of Auto Chess, involved in its brand-new version.

"We had great conversations, but we both came to the conclusion that Valve and Drodo could not work directly with each other for a variety of reasons. We ended up agreeing that we’ll each build our own stand-alone version of the game, and support each other to the fullest," said Valve.

Valve and Drodo Studio are reported to work independently.

However, Auto Chess' fans have found that announcement understandable. In a segment by PC Gaming Show sponsor Epic Games, Drodo Studios officially stated that they are working on a new Auto Chess exclusively for the Epic Games Store. The game will be given a simple name - Auto Chess (no more "Dota") and is scheduled to come to mobile platforms as well. Both new versions of Auto Chess are currently under development by Drodo.

Epic Games Logo White
Drodo Studios is making an exclusive version of Dota Chess for Epic Games.

It sounds like we will be witnessing another store war soon enough, when Valve finished working on a Steam-based version of Dota Auto Chess (which might be named Dota Underworlds, according to recent rumors) and another version built by Drodo Studio, which will be published on Epic Games Store.

The success of Auto Chess is what all game publishers always want.

For some reasons, this might remind players of an event happened in the past when Defense of the Ancients (DotA) rose from a custom map of WarCraft III to one of the biggest titles in the history of e-Sports. Let's see if another story will happen with Dota Auto Chess!