Let's find out some of the most iconic graffiti in CS:GO.

The burning defuse

The graffiti portraited a Counter-Terrorist trying to defuse the bomb amidst of the Molotov burning the ground.

Stories Behind Grafitis 01
The burning defuse

This is the graffiti to commemorate the heroic action of Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer trying to defuse the bomb though the Terrorist threw fire to stop the move from fnatic. The match took place in ESL One: Cologne 2014 between fnatic and Team Dignitas. The scoreline was 14-14 at the moment and fnatic was having manpower advantages. In a 4vs2 situation, olofmeister made a quick decision to defuse the bomb right away.

Olofmeister was on fire. well, literally

However, Nicolai “device” Reedtz threw a Molotov in an attempt to stop fnatic from approaching the bomb. Unblinking, olofmeister decided to continue the process. The bomb was defused right before olofmeister died, securing the 29th round for fnatic. the Swedes won the map 16-14 thanks largely to the heroic and decisive action of olofmeister.


Stories Behind Grafitis 02
olofmeister got another meme to his name

Olofmeister once again got another meme to his name. This time, he got into one of the biggest controversies in the history of CS:GO. The incident took place in DreamHack Winter 2014 where Fnatic played against the Frenchmen LDLC. This was the deciding third map and fnatic was 3-12 down after the first half. The lead was so big that a comeback was almost impossible in this top level of CS:GO.

The boost spot was so new that LDLC could not figure it out until late into the game

The boost spot gave olofmeister ridiculous advantages where he could gather information around the map and had the upper hand against the Terrorist. LDLC was panicking when they could not figure out the position of olofmeister. The result was inevitable, fnatic won the map despite the big deficit. After the match, LDLC called out the admin to talk about the problem with the situation. The French side asked for a rematch due to the bug fnatic abused. However, fnatic refused to do so and eventually forfeited the match, letting LDLC go on, no hard feelings.

apEx against quad-AWPs

Stories Behind Grafitis 03
One CT against 4 Terrorist with AWP

It happened there in the grand final of ESL One Cologne 2015 between EnVyUs and fnatic. The first map came to overtime and fnatic got enough money from the two first rounds victory. In the last round of T-side, fnatic decided to buy 4 AWPs to abuse the two doors in the middle.

At that time, Dan “apEX” Madesclaire was clueless and decided to risk using AWP to peek mid. He was the inevitable victim of the four-men abuse. With the man advantage, fnatic closed out the map on Dust 2 and eventually win the series. The graffiti was intended as a meme after that.

Please stop abusing CT

Quad kill jumping AWP from coldzera

Stories Behind Grafitis 04 Jp
An AWP with wings could only mean coldzera

"Jumping double from Cold"

“What is this going on right now?”

“How does he do this?”

“Unthinkable scenes there on the B-apartments”

The crowd got quite hyped up with the big play from the Brazilian star Marcelo "coldzera" David. This is arguably one of the best plays ever in the history of CS:GO. The situation took place in the semi-finale of MLG Columbus 2016. Luminosity ( the former lineup of the now MIBR) was down 9-15 on Mirage against Team Liquid.

Unthinkable performance from the Brazilian star

It was a do-or-die situation for the Brazilians where they could not afford to lose another single round. At that moment, Team Liquid decided to rush B with 5 men through the apartment. coldzera hit the first shot on adreN. He continued with the jump peek and landed another no scope AWP shot to nail 2 more kills. His teammate TACO came to help out and coldzera finished the job with the last kill. That round was so crucial in uplifting the spirit for Luminosity. The team went on to tie out the score 15-15 and eventually win the map. Luminosity won the major and coldzera was named the MVP.

S1mple jumping AWP no scope

S1mple has always been impressive with his skills and amazing plays. The Ukrainian AWPer displayed absolutely monstrous plays even on big stages since his early career. Here we have a situation where his teammates were not doing well and left him alone in a 1v2 situation. The match took place in the semi-finale of ESL One: Cologne 2016 between Team Liquid and fnatic.

s1mple doing his stuff without the scope


Most graffiti have their own stories. Which ones do you like most?