CS:GO is arguably among the most competitive Esports in the scene. The game is popular around the world even for the Western or Eastern countries. While we have most CS:GO tournaments hosted in Europe and America, China is also the ideal land for Esports. With great Esports infrastructure, China has hosted many big Dota 2 and CS:GO tournaments.

Asia Champions 2019 Csgo 01
China is a great land for Esports to grow

Promising land - China

Recently, Perfect World – the Valve’s representative in China has announced the CS:GO Asia Championships 2019 with $300,000 in the prize pool. However, Perfect World would later make another Tweet about minor adjustments. Guess what? The prize pool has increased to a massive $500,000 (₹ 3,6 Crore).

Also, the latest team to accept the invitation was NRG. With 8 slots, the initial 3 teams to accept invite were ENCE, MIBR, and Tyloo. There remain 3 more international invites and 1 Chinese qualifier slot.

Asia Champions 2019 Csgo 02
4 joined the list, who would be the next?

Last year, Natus Vincere took down Virtus.pro to win the $300,000 event. Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev went on to claim the MVP title of CS:GO Asia Championships 2018. The event also featured an East vs West Showmatch. With iconic names like Jarosław “pashaBiceps” Jarząbkowski, Patrik “f0rest” Lindberg, and Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund, Team West won handily 16-9 on Dust2.

Asia Champions 2019 Csgo 06
The showmatch between the most iconic names in the scene

The Asia Championships 2019 will promote the CS:GO scene in China. Currently, CS:GO has yet to grow large there. Dota 2 is somewhat a more popular Esports among the Chinese community. The recent The International 2019 Dota 2 Championships was a huge success when pulling in a large crowd.

China has hosted many big Esports tournaments like World Electronic Sports Games. WESG offered a huge amount of money with $890,000 in 2018, $1,500,000 in 2017, and $105,000 for Female World Finals. With large money on the line, organizers hope to build up a large CS:GO community in the country.