OG broke the curse

Og 2 Time Champion 02
OG is your champion of The International 2019 Dota 2 Championships

This it is, this is our champion. OG has completed their dominant run in The International 2019 to lift the Aegis Of Immortal the second time. The International 2018 champions have broken the two-time The International Champion to become the first-ever roster to have lift the Aegis twice.

Og 2 Time Champion 01
From a meme team in The International 2018 to the two-time TI Champions

This time, OG has got way more fans to cheer for them. Also, The International 2019 Champions have much more money in the bag compared to last year’s. With $15,602,112 (₹111.5 Crore), OG has officially become the second highest-earning Esports organization. Their total earnings have almost doubled to $33,392,927 (₹238.8 Crore) Team Liquid is still on top with $33,597,322 (₹240 Crore), thanks to the success of other Esports divisions.

Og 2 Time Champion 05
Og has now earned the most out of Dota 2, surpassing any other Dota 2 team

This time, history has not repeated itself as their opponent was Team Liquid. After a dominant showing in 3 consecutive games, OG has concluded the BO5 grand final 3-1 against Team Liquid. After being down the first game, OG quickly bounced back from the loss. They built up their confidence and overran Team Liquid with their superior performance.

Last year, many people would doubt if OG was really worthy of the Aegis TI8. Their underdog run could be considered a fluke by many people. However, they have come back this year, way stronger than ever.

Og 2 Time Champion 06
OG has proven well that their TI8 was not a fluke

Throughout The International 2019, OG hasn’t lost in any BO3. Going against OG seemed like a guaranteed defeat. They have proven themselves truly worthy when handily defeating all the top contenders like EG, PSG.LGD, and Team Liquid.

Even in game 1 against Team Liquid, OG lost by a narrow margin. In the rest 3 games, OG won handily in 33, 24, and 25 mins respectively. They seem invincible with such an inventive playstyle.

The dream Team Liquid ended here

Og 2 Time Champion 07
Team Liquid had to settle for the runner-up though their run was so impressive

Team Liquid started the main event in the lower bracket. Their shaky performance in the group stage made people doubt if The International 2017 champions would hold any chance to finish high. However, a “miracle-“ happened and they were here playing in the grand final.

Yet they crumbled before the all fired up OG and had to settle for the second-best. Team Liquid has finished runner-up and earned $4,457,746 (₹31 Crore). With their impressive lower bracket run, no one can deny the strength of a Dota 2 giant roster. Obviously, the later addition of Aliwi "W33" Omar has worked well in the favor of Team Liquid.

A switch in the earning standings

With the conclusion of The International 2019, 5 members of OG now sit comfortably on top of Esports earnings. 4 Team Liquid’s members take the next spots, with only W33 missing out in the top 10. Johan "N0tail" Sundstein has officially become the highest-earning Esports player with $6,885,977.99 (₹49 Crore)

Og 2 Time Champion 09
N0tail topped the chart with almost $7 million in the bag

With the enormous $34 million in the prize pool, The International 2019 has become the highest paying tournament. At this rate, no Esports can surpass Dota 2 in terms of the prize pool and players’ earnings. With millions on the line, Esports is becoming more and more of a professional sport.

The next The International?

Though the competition in The International 2019 was outstanding, the same could not be said for the crowd. Taking place in Shanghai China, The International 2019 was underwhelming with their one-sided crowd. It is understandable that Chinese fans often tend to support Chinese teams. However, their attitude toward non-Chinese teams was so questionable.

Og 2 Time Champion 08
The next The International 2020 will be hosted in Sweden

The next The International will be hosted in Stockholm, Sweden. Hopefully, the crowd in here would cheer for the competition and the game spirit, not just the home teams. Dota 2 will grow well and large, becoming one of the most exciting Esports in the world.