A large competition

The International 2019 Dota 2 Championships is one of the most hyped Esports event this year. Beside the sky-high prize pool, The International 2019 fields Dota 2 competition at the highest level. Due to that, claiming the ticket to compete in the $33+ million tournament is no easy feat at all.

Ministry Of Communication Bolivia 01
Qualifying for The International 2019 is no easy feat

Against all the odds. the boys from South America - Team Infamous has beaten countless opponents to claim a ticket to this very The International 2019. Moreover, their performance wasn’t half bad at all. It turned out surprising that Infamous has exceeded everyone’s expectations to land the 7th-8th finish.

Ministry Of Communication Bolivia 04
Team Infamous started out under the banner of Team Anvorgesa, the cat burger

Moreover, they did so in a convincing fashion, beating the better-established teams like Keen Gaming and Newbee. Infamous’ run came to an end after losing 0-2 to Team Secret in the lower bracket. However, they put up a decent fight, showing the world how wild Dota can get with unique draft styles. Currently, Team Infamous is the first South America team to have ever gotten such a high placing in The International.

Ministry Of Communication Bolivia 09
The South America representative has shown us how wild can Dota 2 get. Wisper is the 2nd from the right

Wisper has stuck together with the roster ever since they played under the banner of Team Anvorgesa. Through ups and downs, the roster has pulled off unimaginable comebacks and tied out with many top teams like Vici Gaming and EG.

Public recognition

The good news spread fast. The Bolivian position 3 player in Team Infamous, Adrian Cespedes “Wisper” Dobles quickly got praised for his feat with the team. Wisper is the first-ever Bolivian to have attended The International.

Ministry Of Communication Bolivia 08
Wisper is the first Bolivian player to have ever played in any of The International Dota 2 Championships

This is quite a feat for a country like Bolivia where Esports has yet to grow. On Twitter, the Bolivian Ministry of Communication officially congratulated the Dota 2 player with his team.

The Tweet reads as "We congratulate Adrián Céspedes "Wisper", the first Bolivian who arrived at the most important international eSports championship "The International @DOTA2", with his team @Infamous_GG. "

Ministry 06
Esports is getting better public recognition

Being acknowledged by an official Ministry is kind of a privilege one Esports player can dream of. It is the first step toward getting recognized by the community, that Esports is a real sport, just like football or baseball. With this, hopefully, Esports can grow large and strong, becoming the global craze just like any regular sport.