The International 2019 Dota 2 Championships is coming to an end. However, as we consider the matchups of the main stage, the result is surprising.

History Repeated Itself 03
How can The International 2019 be so similar to The International 2018?

VP – LGD in the upper bracket

History Repeated Itself 01
LGD got better this time, defeating VP handily

This matchup repeated not once but twice. In The International 2017, VP and LGD faced each other in the upper bracket. VP won 2-0 back then. However, the history is rewritten in 2018 as LGD swept VP 2-0. This year in The International 2019, the history repeated itself and LGD beat VP 2 straight games. VP displayed a disappointing performance in the tournament and ended up with the 9th-12th placement

OG – EG in the upper bracket

2018 seemed to be the origin of this fated rivalry between OG and EG. There was one dramatic affair happening right before TI8. The drama turned the former close friendship between Johan “N0tail” Sundstein and Tal “Fly” Aizik into a hostile rivalry.

History Repeated Itself 04
Narutail vs Sasufly has become a common meme in the Dota 2 community

OG sent EG to the lower bracket after a swift 2-0 victory in The International 2018. It happened again this time in The International 2019. However, it took more effort this time for N0tail and co. to close out the game at 2-1.

OG – PSG.LGD in the upper bracket

It happened once again, the fated matchup. Last year, people would most likely call OG a fluke after going so far in the tournament being the heavy underdog. However, a victory in the upper bracket helped OG sending LGD down to the lower bracket.

History Repeated Itself 05
OG completed the underdog story to win The International 2018

This year, the matchup once again happened as LGD and OG both retained the dominant form as compared to last year. Both LGD and OG has secured the top 3 placement, aiming to lift the Aegis with $15+ million on the line.

A possible Grand Final rematch?

With the strong showing from both sides currently, PSG.LGD and OG are very likely to get another rematch in the grand final. The question is, who will win this time? Will OG break the 2 times TI champion curse or LGD secure the cup for Chinese?