Free Fire India Esports Awards is a public vote award of Free Fire to recognize pro Free Fire players and content creators in India. The vote was available from January 1-3. There is a total of 5 categories and the winner of each category will get a Free Fire India Esport trophy.

3 out of 5 awards belong to team Total Gaming, which is quite understandable as they were the champion of the Free Fire India Championship Fall 2020 and they went 8th place in the Free Fire Continental Series Asia. VasiyoCRJ7 alone got 2 awards - Fragger of the Year and Best Play of the Year.

1.  Squad captain of the year - TG- FozyAjay

In a Free Fire team, the captain is the soul and mind. They have the duty to guide their teams to victory with their great strategy mind and experience. While the captain will usually not the one with the most kill, it is the most important role in a Squad.

Tg Fozyajay
FozyAjay, the captain of team Total Gaming, is the Squad Captain of the Year

2. Fragger of the Year - VasiyoCRJ7

VasiyoCRJ7 is the smart fraggers in the Indian Free Fire pro scene. Unlike other fraggers who like to use their skills and reflexes to win, VasiyoCRJ7 likes to play smart to defeat enemies. As a long time Free Fire pro player, he has tons of experience and has everything he needs to take down even the most skillful player.

Pretty much in every tournament, he was in, he was the spotlight players.

VasiyoCRJ7 is the Fragger of the Year because of his ability to outsmart enemies in combats

3. Sniper of the Year - Pahadi

Pahadi got a total of 96 kills in the Free Fire India Championship 2020 Fall, a number that no other players can even come close to. Not only sniper rifles, but he also is very skillful in using all kinds of weapons as he is the fragger of team Critical X.

Pahadi got an astounding number of 96 kills in the Free Fire India Championship and is the Sniper of the Year

4. Best Play of the Year - VasiyoCRJ7

VasiyoCRJ7's magnificent play at the Free Fire Continental Series Asia Finals against 2 strong teams EVOS Thailand and the champion team EXP Esports has brought him another award.

Image 1 Vasiyocrj7
VasiyoCRJ7's performance in the FFCS Asia is amazing

5. Casting duo of the Year - MambaSR and Aura

When it comes to esports tournaments, the role of casters is just as important as the role of pro players for the entertainment of viewers. Great casters have the ability to build up moments and then explode at the right time to create the hype for viewers with their emotions. It is a skill that not many people have.

Mambasr And Aura
MambaSR and Aura are the winners of the Casting Duo of the Year awards

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