The Vector was introduced to Free Fire recently and it has been receiving a lot of hate from the community, not because it is useless but because it is too overpowered, especially in Clash Squad because the map is smaller.

The Vector was the first weapon that allows players to hold 2 weapons with 2 hands. That means the amount of damage it can deal is absurdly high so many players have been abusing this weapon in Clash Squad to get easy wins. That's why a lot of players really hate this weapon because of those abusers.

If you hate Vector abusers too then here are the top 3 tips and tricks for you to counter the Vector in Clash Squad.

1. Avoid Close-Range Combats

While the double Vector has an insane damage output, the weapon is only effective in close-range combat. The farther they are away from the target, the less accurate and damage they have. So the best way to fight against the double Vector is by taking the fight at distance using ARs or sniper rifles.

Counter Double Vector Free Fire
The double Vector has no chance in long-range combats against Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles 

There are many great options out there such as SCAR, XM8, AUG, M14... These weapons are versatile and useful in most situations.

2. Use M1887 + Gloo Wall Combo

While avoiding close-combats against the double Vector is the best way to counter this weapon, it cannot always be done. In Clash Squad the map is much smaller and you will have to engage in close-range combats as the circle gets smaller.

The M1887 shotgun is currently the only weapon that can fight against the double Vector in Clash Squad

Since the MP40 is not available in Clash Squad at the moment, the only weapon that can fight against the double Vector at the moment is the M1887. The M1887 is a really powerful double-barrel shotgun that can finish the enemy with just 2 hits.

However, the weapon only has 2 rounds per magazine so you will need to combo with Gloo Wall in case you miss a shot. If you missed the shot, place a Gloo Wall immediately in front of you to prevent the enemy from fighting back, reload, and go after them again. The double Vector users won't stand a single chance.

3. Use Surprise Factors

Having a smart fighting strategy will always be your best weapon to defeat other players no matter what they use. Instead of taking the fight head-on, you can try to flank them, use Smoke Grenade, Gloo Wall, create misdirections,... and win the fight easily.

Free Fire Clu
Clu will let you know the position of enemies around to plan a surprise attack on them

Characters such as Clu will allow you to gain information about enemies' locations and you can use it to your advantage to set up traps to take them down.

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