A few months ago, Free Fire introduced to players the first evolution skin ever, the AK Blue Flame Draco skin. The skin has 7 levels for players to upgrade and they will unlock many different visual effects for the skin, including hit effect, kill effect, and an emote. Now, they are introducing another evolution skin for the SCAR, the SCAR Megalodon Alpha skin and it is also a great skin just like the AK Blue Flame Draco skin.

Free Fire Skin Ak Blue Flame
The AK Blue Flame Draco evolution skin
Scar Megalodon
The SCAR Megalodon Alpha evolution skin

Both of these 2 evolution skins are strong but you will need to invest a large amount of Diamond to level up them to the max to get the full benefit. Otherwise, having a rare skin would be better than having an evolution skin with no upgrade.

In this article, we are going to do a side by side comparison between the AK Blue Flame Draco skin and the SCAR Megalodon Alpha skin to see if should buy the SCAR Megalodon Alpha skin.

AK Blue Flame Draco skin and SCAR Megalodon Alpha comparison

Special Power

  • The AK Blue Flame Draco will deal more damage to Gloo Wall at level 6.

Ak Blue Flame Draco

  • The SCAR Megalodon Alpha will deal more damage to enemies' vest and helmet at level 6.

New Scar Megalodon Alpha

The AK Blue Flame Draco will let you destroy enemies' Gloo Wall faster. But in real combat situations, most people will just find another angle to shot instead of wasting ammo on destroying Gloo Wall. Meanwhile, the ability to destroy enemies' vests and helmets of the SCAR Megalodon Alpha is really good, especially in a long battle.

Damage per second

AK Blue Flame Draco

  • Damage: +2
  • Rate of fire: +1
  • Movement speed: -1

SCAR Megalodon Alpha

  • Rate of fire: +2
  • Damage: +1
  • Reload speed: -1

As you can see the AK Blue Flame Draco will have higher damage while the SCAR Megalodon Alpha will have a higher rate of fire. Both weapons have the same magazine capacity. The amount of damage both weapons can deal in the same amount of time is almost the same.

Megalodon Alpha Scar Gun Skin
The Megalodon Alpha Scar Gun Skin has a really fast rate of fire

While trading shots, the AK will deal more damage but in longer battles, the SCAR Megalodon Alpha has an edge over the AK Blue Flame Draco because it has a higher rate of fire. The movement speed reduction of the AK Blue Flame Draco might be a slight inconvenience from time to time. The AK also has much higher recoil than the SCAR.


The SCAR Megalodon Alpha is the strongest SCAR skin so far in Free Fire at max level so if you are a SCAR fan you should definitely go for it. Once again, I have to remind you that you need to go all-in to upgrade it to level max or otherwise, other skins such as SCAR Titan is just as good.

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