Despite the pandemic around the globe, the Indian Free Fire esports scene has got a great 2020 with exciting tournaments such as the Free Fire Brawler Bash, Battle Arena, India Championship, the Continental Series, and more. In these tournaments, there are many familiar faces who have always somehow consistently played at a high level and got great results throughout the year.

Here is the list of the top 3 Indian Free Fire teams of 2020.

3. XTZ Esports

XTZ Esports is previously known as Sixth Sense. While they have been through many banners and name changes, their playstyle is still the same. Their main strategy was to stick to the edge of the circle to fight. While that is still their mantra now, it doesn't mean that they didn't grow throughout the year. They have the ability to predict the next circle and so they can get to an advantageous area early.

Xtz Esports

They have great awareness, which allows them to gather information while rotating and stay away from dangerous fights.

XTZ Esports' achievement in 2020:

  • 3rd Place - Free Fire India Championship 2020 Fall
  • 8th Place - Free Fire Continental Series Asia Play-Ins
  • 2nd Place - Free Fire Battle Arena Season 2

2. CRX Elite

While on the surface, CRX Elite looks like a super aggressive team that just want to fight all the time, there are actually more to that. The way they fight is actually really smart. They often force the other team to waste their resources and corners them into bad positions.

Crx Elite

When CRX Elite is not in the zone, they can always tell which areas are dangerous to get in the circle safely. When they are in the circle, they will make use of their advantage and capture high traffic areas early to get easy kills. The team has a great setup among members so their prey cannot escape if they get caught.

However, during the FFCS, CRZ Elite has little cold feet that make them hesitated to take fights so they weren't playing at their best. Still, they have great potential and we can expect them to be much stronger in the future.

CRX Elite's achievement in 2020:

  • Runners-up - Free Fire India Championship 2020 Fall
  •  11th Place - Free Fire Continental Series Asia Play-Ins.

1. Total Gaming Esports

The title "Best India Free Fire" belongs to no other team than Total Gaming Esports, the champion of the Free Fire India Championship 2020 Fall. However, Total Gaming Esports wasn't always the best team and they had to go through a lot to become who they are now.

Total Gaming Esports

The biggest strength of this team is the ability to adapt to the worst situations. In order to do that, the whole team must keep their head cool even when they are facing a stronger team. In the Free Fire Continental Series, Total Gaming Esports has taken out several teams a the same time. While they don't have any super elaborate plan, they can play at 100% in any situation, which is actually the most important factor that any team needs to have.

Total Gaming Esports' achievement in 2020:

  • Winners - Free Fire Brawler Bash
  •  Winner - Free Fire India Championship 2020 Fall
  •  8th place - Free Fire Continental Series Asia Finals

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