It was a shocking sight to see a viral video in which PUBG Mobile players Tanmay Singh aka Scout among others behaved during DreamHack Delhi 2019, India’s renowned gaming festival. They went live from the streaming arena provided by event organizers and abused their audience. The reason for the outburst was due to Scout facing severe criticism from the audience after his team Fnatic faced an exit from South Asia PMCO Fall Split in a group stage.


Fnatic’s dismal performance during South Asia semi-finals and finals led to an outrage among the team’s fan base. They criticized Scout and other team members for showing a lackadaisical attitude during all the matches. On 6th December, when Nodwin Gaming launched its second edition of DreamHack 2019, these miscreants were at their worst behavior.

What did they want to prove? We found it to be a few kids who are out there to show their muscle power. Instead, they should have proved it by their gameplay rather than wagging their tongues.

Scout Team Soul Pubg Mobile

A stage which has been provided by one of the renowned gaming company was misused for personal propaganda in the filthiest manner. Sports personalities to face criticism during their career-low, but do they come out and abuse their fans or audience? This is an epic example of a failed attempt to handle fame and control emotions. True sportsmen should accept the defeat and should be able to face criticism.


Team Soul ended up at the bottom of the table during PMCO Global, its in-game-leader, Naman Mathur aka MortaL too faced criticism but he did not come out and abused his audience. He accepted the defeat in a true sportsmanship spirit and promised to make a strong comeback. This is how an e-sports player behaves.

Unlike Scout and people present in the video, their outrage with the use of female-centric abuses to its audience comes at a time when the country is focusing to tackle crime against women.

Tanmay Singh

Why Is It Important To Criticize Such Indian Esports players?

India is considered as a top-three gaming market, with brands and gaming companies investing in India. This will not only grow the gaming industry but will also give birth to new gaming talent. With such a reckless attitude of Indian gamers will only give a bad name to the community. Criticizing and calling them out publicly is the only way to mend their behavior.

Nodwin Gaming itself is going international with renowned brands and it aims to leave footprints of the Indian gaming industry across the globe. But supporting such acts will raise fingers on them too. Will Nodwin Gaming take action against these streamers? Will they issue notifications to such streamers?

Maligning the name of DreamHack - India’s biggest gaming festival by such behavior will raise the question of a gamer's instinct. Is this how a pro-player should misuse a platform that has been provided to promote self and represent the Indian gaming community? The answer would be a big NO. It is time that such streamers and pro-players must be distanced by their brands, teams and Indian gaming community as a whole.