Real-time Strategy or RTS seems to be the trend in the video game industry recently. We've seen a lot of games that mix RTS elements into their original goods, such as the RPG Knights Of Light: The Prologue or the narrative game Crusader Kings 3. And the developer Petroglyph wants to be a part of this trend as well with their latest FPS/RTS hybrid: Earthbreakers!

Earthbreakers is a team-based multiplayer PvP game about protecting your base against your foes and harvesting the new resources in the futuristic world. With lo-fi visuals, a lot of strategic battles and the appearance of destructive vehicles, it is definitely a worth-trying game in 2020.

Down here is the teaser trailer of Earthbreakers, which you can give its gameplay features some looks:

The concept of Earthbreakers

Earthbreakers takes the futuristic settings of Earth. The year 2045 is when humankind is suffering from global crises and wars due to resource insufficient. However, a new hope sparks as scientists have found Vilothyte - a new matter that can transform directly into power or can be used to form any other elements.

Hence, the first campaign to harness Vilothyte - the 'Earthbreaker project' was immediately deployed, as the Earth sent a system of satellites to the orbit to search for the resources on Earth needed to form Vilothyte and fired bombs at those places to gain Vilothyte.

Earthbreakers Pc Announced 4
Satellites bombard certain locations on Earth to harness Vilothyte

The result of this campaign is a success, in which people have created enough Vilothyte to function the East coast of the US for a week-long. Hence, humankind officially put the system into the full load and saved Earth ... at least until the hacking team Devolve removes the safety limit of avoiding populated or endangered areas.

Back to the present if 2060, Earth has become a horribly destroyed place after those endless bombardments. Countries have now been broken down into city-states, and each of them deployed their own Earthbreaker squads to invade the locations after every bomb strike. The fightS in those areas are very fierce, but you cannot afford to fail the hope of your states!

Earthbreakers Pc Announced 5
Fight for the sake of your country!

Gameplay features

As the story of the game hints, Earthbreakers will put you into a member of an Earthbreaker team, fighting in the bomb strike areas to gather as much Vilothyte and send them back to your state as possible. Combining the elements of first-person shooting titles with exciting RTS mechanics, Earthbreakers requires you to work tightly with your comrades to secure your final objectives.

First thing first, let's talk about the FPS features. Controling a member of your Earthbreaker squad, you can choose from ranges of infantry classes to aid your team. For example, the Soldiers are the ones to bring guns to fight on the front lines, the Technician help fixing vehicles and build facilities to protect the lives of your teammates, or the Firefly is the heavily destructive ones that can set fire to your enemies from far distance.

Earthbreakers Pc Announced 1
You can choose from certain classes to help your team

Each of the classes their own playstyles and will be useful in certain situations, and more classes will be available based on how advanced your base is. That's when the RTS elements kick in, as you can build new facilities to unlock new stronger elite classes. Earthbreakers consists of 12 infantry classes and 11 types of structures, which require multiple teams to build.

Earthbreakers Pc Announced 3
9 out of 11 types of buildings requires multiple teams to work together to build

In exchange, if you spend too much Vilothyte to build those types of buildings, you'll risk your base vulnerable to enemy's attacks, so think carefully before building. Last but not least, the game gives you many types of vehicles - either the powerful tank to ramp down their defensive line or the heavy truck to bring Vilothyte back to your base.

Earthbreakers Pc Announced 2
Protect your transporting vehicles at all costs!

Release date and supported platforms

Earthbreakers will come out for PC via Steam in 2020, but there is no specific date was announced at this moment.