After EA acquired Westwood Studios, the legendary team behind Command & Conquer Series, they disbanded it. The last of the former Westwood employees then found Petroglyph Games to keep the fire going. They have been releasing various new titles over the years, with some of them being super famous hit like Star Wars: Empire at War, Grey Goo, Rise of Immortals, and finally, Conan Unconquered.

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Vehicle combat would be a big part of this game

Currently, EA is hiring Petroglyph again to make a remaster for the first few Command & Conquer titles. Alongside that project, they are also working on a new game that capitalizes on players’ nostalgia for older titles. On Nov 13, Petroglyph unveiled a teaser along with a Steam page for Earthbreakers on Steam. The game would be an FPS/RTS hybrid with factions fighting each other to get a purple resource named Vilothyte. The battlefield would contain various forces such as tanks, infantry, and harvesters, which would be working on the Vilothyte. The main objective of this game is to control your army and destroy your enemies in the first-person perspective.

This game is pretty much multiplayer of C&C Renegade, a legendary RTS/FPS hybrid made by Westwood. There would also be construction-related activities – the trailer showed a building getting completed in RTS style, with you standing next to it in the first person. Construction and vehicle acquisition would be accomplished by accessing the base’s store. According to the Steam page of the game, there would be about 12 infantry types, 11 structures with coop features, 6 vehicles along with maps that support up to 32 people on each side.

Earthbreakers would be released on 2020, however, delays are expected, as based on the teaser, there is a lot of things still need to be improved. Interested in more of our video games related articles? Please check out this post for information about Petroglyph's latest game, Conan Unconquered.