A new demo for Hellbound, a 90s style shooter, has just been released. For fans of the original frantic craze shooter style, this game would be a godsend.

Blow your enemies to bits and pieces

The gameplay and plot of the game are rather simple. Paying homage to previous great franchises like Doom, Duke Nukem, Quake…etc, in Hellbound you would spend 99% of the time shooting and cleaving your way through the hordes of hostile demons who have taken over the planet.

You would experience your first taste of Hellbound in this demo, which is one of the earliest episodes in the game’s story. According to Tobias Rusjan, Director, Game Designer and Programmer of Hellbound, the game would offer a closer experience to the 90s style than even the new Doom remakes. Despite the level of details and polish they have, there is still something that can be improved.

Multiple weapons with astounding firepower

The gameplay in Hellbound would be more about non-stop action sequences without any interruptions. The only thing you have to do is shoot, sprint, jump melee, and interactions with the objects in the environments. This type of gameplay is pretty much an imitation of the classic shooters, in which the story takes a back seat for the action. There would still be a barebone story at least, as the lack of one would definitely a problem.

Melee combat is also available

The gameplay would also be balanced so that the constant fast-paced combat would not overwhelm players, with weapons, drops, and enemies strategically placed so that moments of tension and exploration would be inserted to work in tandem with the adrenaline rushing combat. The survival mode of Hellbound with endless waves of enemies is currently available on Steam as a free-to-play game and the official release date of the single-player campaign is listed as 2019. Interested in more articles related to video games? Please check out this post for the top 10 games to play before Doom Eternal comes out.