The recent FPS craze Call of Duty: Mobile has taken the world by storm with its PC-quality gaming experience. Other FPS mobile games like PUBG Mobile, Garena Free Fire have also accumulated a decent fanbase around the world. And now we have another title coming to the list – Red Dot. The game is now in soft launch in Singapore for Android.

While Red Dot is scheduled for global release next year, Singaporean fans can experience the game first-hand now on Android devices. However, regions outside of Singapore will be barred from accessing the game due to the regional block. If you are keen on trying out the new game, a little trick with location change may help.

Red Dot Fps 03
The new FPS game Red Dot features 4 characters to choose from

Red Dot - A promising FPS game on mobile

Red Dot has also released a trailer to reveal more about the graphics and gameplay. 3 game modes will be available in Red Dot. This includes the popular Team Deathmatch mode – which is common in most FPS games nowadays. The Team Deathmatch mode is pretty the same as in Call of Duty, CrossFire, or CS:GO.

Red Dot Fps 09
A Team Death Match mode will match you together with your friends

Red Dot also features a Battle Royale mode – namely PK Mode. It will be pretty much the same stuff as most Battle Royale games nowadays like PUBG or Free Fire. You spawn in a location and try to gather the necessary equipment and weapons to survive the battle.

Red Dot Fps 06
Be the last to survive in PK Mode to receive great rewards

Another interesting game mode Red Dot introduces is Sniper. It will be a single-player mode where you play as an assassin and snipe down people from impossible distances. It will be interesting to test your aim on a mobile phone device.

Red Dot Fps 07
How accurate can you aim with a mobile phone?

More game modes will come in the near future. While the game is free, loot boxes are an integral part of every F2P game nowadays. You can come and have a look at the game on Google Play at