Coming from developer FYQD Personal Studi, Bright Memory Mobile is a controversial first-person shooter that has just arrived on the App Store as a premium game. Intriguing enough, the main purpose of this title is to gather funds for a more fully-featured version on PC, which is named Bright Memory Infinite. The game was first reported by last month. Check out some gameplay footage below:

According to what Abacus wrote, developer Zeng Xiancheng expects to sell roughly one hundred thousand copies of the mobile version – priced at $3.99 (Rs 280) each – across both Android and iOS. The game started out as an episodic game on Steam Early Access and received lots of attention for its cool gameplay and captivating graphics. The combat is a combination of skill-based FPS blasting and pure hectic hack 'n' slash. The first episode of the game said to last about forty minutes, however, the developer has since moved away from that release format.

Bright Memory Ab1d_wm
The combat is a combination of skill-based FPS blasting and pure hectic hack 'n' slash

That said, Bright Memory found itself caught in the middle of some controversy after players found out that it used pirated assets. Zeng later went on to apologize and quickly replaced the offending enemy models.

To prevent the combat from feeling clumsy, the mobile version has not shied away from making liberal use of aim assist. You can probably see how complicated it is from the clip included above. While it looks relatively easy at first glance, the many on-screen buttons and abilities might prove to be a little bit too much for a lot of players to handle.

Bright Memory 2 E9a3_wm
The many on-screen buttons might prove to be too complicated

If you own an iOS device and are interested in taking Bright Memory Mobile out for a spin, you can find it available for download on the App Store as a premium app that costs $3.99 (Rs 280). Meanwhile, Android users will have to wait until later this month before they can get their hands on the game.