Earlier today, the new retro-inspired FPS game 'Chains of Fury' has been announced by the developers at Cobble Games and Gaming Factory S.A. This game tell the story of a mercenary that was hired by the rebellion force to destroy the old king's reign - but when the mission complete, they turned around and try to get rid of you.

The most special thing about this FPS title is the graphics - that undoubtedly inspired by the comics of the 90s. The main artistic style for 'Chains of Fury' is hand-drawn graphics - that almost look like a panel from a comic book.

Chains of Fury Trailer

In the game, you will be put in the shoes of a mercenary from a distant future - with the mission to get revenge on those who have hired you in the past, and then put you in jail to get rid of you. The biggest feature in this game is almost everything in the game can be broken - you can destroy walls, trees, ceilings, etc. In fact, according to the developers, around 80% of the game is breakable - and you can finish the game's level any way you like.

A screenshot from the game

Thanks to this feature, the developers are able to put a bunch of secrets and easter eggs into the game - be it hidden treasure rooms, secret ways of finishing the levels, as well as alternate ways to clear off the enemies - including breaking the ceiling so that it falls down and crush your opponents. And according to the developers, the game will hold a lot of secrets, that you won't be able to discover them all in just one playthrough.

A screenshot from the game

By the words of the CEO from Cobble Games, 'Chains of Fury' will be a 'breath of fresh air' for the FPS games market - that will combine the fun of exploring secrets and the good feeling of shooting down a large swarm of enemies.

Chains of Fury will be released in Winter 2020, for PC and Nintendo Switch.