The latest info on the FPS series from Daybreak. Is Planetside 3 on the way?

Planetside is an online multiplayer FPS series that contains gigantic battlefields with over a hundred players wearing giant battle suits clashing with tanks and sci-fi infantry – massive futuristic battle style. The gameplay is almost like a Battle Royale, with a large number of players clashing against each other. Planetside has been on its final days, however, as the player base has been dwindling ever since the game’s height of popularity.

Maxresdefault 3
You can engage in a dogfight with your fighter against the enemies

Daybreak Game Company, the mastermind behind giant MMO titles such as DC Universe Online and Everquest 2, is planning to make another sequel to Planetside 2. In a post, Andy Sites, the chief producer of the franchise, described his plans for the third Planetside entry. The final goal of the game is to expand the battlefield from just a planet to a full-scale galactic war, with factions colonizing, exploring and conquering each other inside an expansive universe.

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A massive battlefield with armies and locations

Based on this description, multiple battlegrounds with the size of the previous game would be included in the upcoming title. Each battlefield or planets would play a part in the larger scale objectives in the galaxy, with colonizing and developing the zones of the battlefields being a crucial element. This is a bold idea and would definitely reap great results if the sequel happens.

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A squad of tanks driving by the players

Their latest Battle Royale game, Planetside Arena, has not received the best reception, as its current player base has dwindled down to 100 concurrent online players, which is not enough to fill a proper battle royale match. However, the game’s story would serve as a connection between Planetside 2 and 3. The Battle Royale mode itself could make a comeback in later builds of Planetside 3 if it is still in demand.

About the estimated release date for the game, however, there isn’t any information yet. Currently, the game is pretty much in the planning process.

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