Remember in our previous article about the Agony spinoff - Succubus, we've informed you that the lust Queen of Hell - Vydija has a Twitter account? Now, she's coming back to check if you've followed her through this brand new gameplay trailer.

If you haven't seen it, the queen will punish you, so you'd better watch it with us to see her in action. Beware of your surroundings, because this trailer contains a lot of content that's not safe for work:

Gameplay features

Nudity, gore, sexualized violence, those are the most noticeable things in this 14-minute trailer of Succubus. However, if you look closer into it, you'll find that this trailer gives you many looks at the game's features.

The first thing that caught my eyes is that the adventure of the succubus queen Vydija will take place in both first-person and third-person perspectives.

To be more specific, most of your exploration in this hellish world will be portrayed through the third-person perspective. You will control Vydija running, crawling through little cracks, and jumping between places. From there, you can see the rich and diverse world of Hell being fully transferred through your eyes. However, puzzle-solving seems to be absent from this game.

And every time you're going to encounter a battle, the camera will immediately switch to the first-person viewpoint. There, you'll have to wield your weapons against hordes of Hell creatures, defeating all of them while remaining healthy. The graphical quality of Succubus is very detailed, in which you can feel the satisfaction of cutting those creatures down with several slices.

The developer Madmind studio also revealed that you can also collect a lot of weapons and armor on your way, which will make your attack and defense stats stronger. And as the queen of Hell, Vydija has the power of pyrokinesis, allowing her to throw fireballs at her enemies. Together with an upgradable skill tree, your adventure will be very brutal.

Last but not least, the world of Succubus is very diverse, with many types of opponents, bosses, and traps on the way. Adding more attractiveness to the game, Madmind Studio also brings character customization, in which you can make Vydija much sexier.

Story summary of Succubus

If you're not familiar with this game, a brief summary of the story of Succubus for you. After the story in Agony, Nimrod has risen as the mightiest devil that is strong enough to become the true ruler of Hell. Now, with the help of his queen - Vydija, Nimrod will have to rebuild his empire of Hell from the ruin of previous fights.

The King and Queen might have successfully made their own empire, but Vydija is not into this luxurious life at all. She loves her previous life living freely in the wild, not walking on red carpets. As a result, the demon of lust has abandoned her crown to enjoy the fun of hunting victims.

But Hell doesn't let her alone, as, in one of her adventures, she was hurt by the powerful devil named Baphomet. He's recruiting his army, on the hunt for Nimrod's soul and the control of Hell. Can't tolerate this shame and betrayal, Vydija only has one thing on her mind now: revenge!

After several screenshots revealed and even a long detailed trailer, I can't wait to try Succubus out. However, the only thing the game is lacking now is the release date, as we didn't know even vaguely when the game will come out for PC through Steam.

Do you think this game can overshine Agony?