Madmind Studio - the developer behind of the widely discussed title Agony - has pleased fans with a new title Succubus. The developer stated that this game will be a sequel of Agony, and provide us with a "selfie" trailer.

You can see the trailer below, and be sure to check around before watching:

The back story of Succubus

Succubus takes the settings of the post-Agony world. This time, you'll have chances to dig into the story of succubus namely Vydija. Her story started at Agony and Agony UNRATED, and in Succubus, she's the main protagonists.

Without the rightful emperor in place, the demons in hell have chosen their new ruler, and it was Nimrod, the only one with power exceeding the Beast. Vydija is his queen and joins hand to calm the chaotic situation and build their new empire in hell.

The citizens of hell choosing their new rulers
The citizens of hell choosing their new rulers

However, the new noble queen of hell doesn't feel happy with the life of a queen. The lusty, wild and evoking nature of a Succubus doesn't feel satisfied, so Vydija decided to left the luxury life to live her own life enjoy her pleasure while hunting.

Succubus New Selfie Trailer 4
The Succubus prefers her wide life rather than the luxurious life of a queen

Incidentally, when she's living with satisfaction, Vydija encounters Baphomet guiding his army to pursue the soul of Nimrod. Upset and angry of the betrayal from her own species, our new queen retrieve back her power, and will return with her one and only objectives - REVENGE!

What if a Succubus have a phone? She will open a Twitter account!

As a part of the grand promotion and marketing strategy, the developer also provides us with an opportunity to communicate with the main heroine.

From the trailer, you can already see that a phone somehow made its way to Vydija, and it's real. Vydija has not failed to make full use of the phone's capabilities, as she opened her own Twitter!

Succubus New Selfie Trailer 2
Be sure to follow the new queen of hell!

With an account on the popular social media, Vydija has established a link toward our world. On there, she will provide us with some selfies as well as update some information on the game developing process.

Succubus New Selfie Trailer 1
Vydija is testing the camera

Being able to contact a Succubus in real life? How cool is that!

Although the game hasn't revealed its planned release date yet, we can know for sure that the game will come out for PC through Steam.

Let's see in our dream, Vydija!