Almost three months ago, we've announced you about Succubus - the sequel to the widely-discussed game - Agony. However, on that date, we only received information on the game's story and a lewd trailer of the main protagonist - Vydija, the demon of lust. And since then, there are no further updates about the game's development progress.

Until today! Madmind Studio has uncovered more pictures about Succubus' gameplay, as well as special features that take place in the game. You can have a look those screenshots through our summary below, but be sure to check your back beforehand.

Here's the NSFW 'Selfie trailer' of the game back in July:

Conquer the Hell in Succubus

In our previous article, we have given you details on the main events that will happen in Succubus. However, if you've missed it and too lazy to find it back, here's the summary of the story:

The story in Succubus takes place after Agony, as Hell can't find its true ruler. As a result, the inhabitants here have considered Nimrod - the only devil that is stronger than the Beast. Nimrod now will have to raise his empire from the bone and ashes, and he'll need the help of his queen - Vydija. Soon, you and your king succeeded in constructing your domination in Hell, but that doesn't satisfy the need of the queen.

Succubus Unveil New Screenshots And Key Features 5
Vydija likes her previous wild and lusty life more than the luxurious life of a queen!

The luxurious life of a queen, walking on red carpets is not meant for you. Thus, Vydija has given up her queen's life, going back to the wild and enjoy her lusty life hunting for victims. However, life doesn't always go as your wishes, as you get captured and hurt by the powerful Baphomet - on his hunt of Nimrod's souls.

Succubus Unveil New Screenshots And Key Features 2
Vydija has suffered a lot from Baphomet, and now, she will do nothing else but revenge!

Can't stand this humiliation and betrayal, Vydija only has one goal in her mind now - revenge!

Special features

Alongside new screenshots, Madmind Studio also revealed a lot of information on Succubus' gameplay. The first thing to mention is that Vydija will punish her enemies using her pyrokinesis powers. It's weird to see a succubus burning her targets down with fire, but it's reasonable considering she's the real queen of Hell.

Succubus Unveil New Screenshots And Key Features 1
Vydija has pyrokinesis power!

Secondly, she can also kill her opponents using other weapons and skills as well. To be more specific, as you progress through the game, you'll have chances to unlock more weapons. They vary from bone swords, clubs, claws, and many other kinds, which you can gather from the dead enemies. Rampaging through Hell also gives Vydija experience, and she can use it to upgrades her skills and unlock additional ones.

Succubus Unveil New Screenshots And Key Features 3
She can also tear her enemies down using her claws

Lastly, in order to save the kingdom, our succubus queen also has to stay away from the traps scattering on her way. The developer also stated that this game will bring a hostile environment, which you'll have to encounter a lot of hell creatures and interactions. In my opinion, this refers to some puzzles that you'll need to solve to stop Baphomet. The boss fight will happen in surreal visuals and there will be a lot of gore, be aware!

Succubus Unveil New Screenshots And Key Features 4
Succubus will include some puzzle-solving tasks

The only thing that Succubus is lacking now is the official release date. Madmind Studio announced that it will come out at an unknown date, but from this updates, we can hope that it's not going to be too long.

Succubus will be available for PC on Steam.