Apart from the Quantic Dream's trilogy, it's very rare to see a PS4-exclusive title to come out for PC. However, Sony Interactive Entertainment will make this different since tomorrow, as that ti will bring ReadySet Heroes for PC!

ReadySet Heroes has just launched for PS4 at the start of this month, and Sony is very quick to spread the fun of this intriguing dungeon crawler for PC gamers. You can see what's special about this game through the trailer for PS4 launch below:

About ReadySet Heroes

ReadySet Heroes is a quirky dungeon-crawler, where you will never know what is waiting for you at the end of the dungeon! To be more specific, you'll choose your character from 10 funny-looking characters. They vary from many kinds of animals, including a hare, a frog, a chicken or a squirrel.

Readyset Heroes Pc Launch 1
You can customize how your character looks as well!

Once you've done choosing, you'll get right into the dungeon. This game takes exactly the concept of "from zero to hero", putting you into dangerous situations with only a wooden sword at the start. From there, you'll have to test your swordsmanship with many monsters, from slimes, skeletons to ghosts and snails. The enemies you slay will drop random loots, including armors, weapons as well as powerful spells!

Readyset Heroes Pc Launch 4
Slaying more monsters to get better equipment

However, you don't have all day to explore this dungeon. At the same time, there will be other players heading down to this dungeon, doing the same stuff as you. And that's when the fun starts since your final enemies are not the giant bosses - but those players themselves. In the end, all of you'll be packed in an arena, fighting with your last drop of health to find out who is the final winner.

Readyset Heroes Pc Launch 2
Fight with other players to become the winner of the intense "Winner takes all" arena battle!

With that said, you should spend your time very tightly to collect everything you can in this dungeon. The more loots you've got, the more powerful you'll be in the final battle. However, the game doesn't allow you to stay forever in the dungeon Furthermore, the faster you reach the final, the stronger your stats and abilities are, so you'll have to make your best plan.

Readyset Heroes Pc Launch 7
You should take everything you can, but don't make it too long

Coming out tomorrow!

ReadySet Heroes is already slating its way with the PS4 release, and Sony is bringing its fun to PC on October 29.

Starting from tomorrow, you can purchase the game via Epic Games Store at the price of $7.99. Below are the PC system requirements of the game:

Readyset Heroes Pc Launch 10
The game's very light, which you can play with most modern PCs and laptops

It's great to see many PS4-exclusive games to shine on PC, and hopefully the same will happen with Death Stranding!