Previously, Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced their upcoming multiplayer dungeon crawler - ReadySet Heroes. At first, it only planned to release this game for PlayStation 4 only.

Readyset Heroes Is A New Fast Paced Dungeon Crawle
ReadySet Heroes used to be a PS4-exclusive

However, Sony is broadening the game's supported platform list. In addition to PS4, ReadySet Heroes will come to PC as well!

Here's the trailer to celebrate this announcement, and you should give it a look:

About ReadySet Heroes

According to the developer, ReadySet Heroes is "a fast-paced multiplayer dungeon crawler that packs a big twist!".

To be more specific, you will choose one from ten characters and throw yourself into the dungeon. In there, you're going to do everything you should in a dungeon crawler - bashing monsters, avoid traps and gather a wide range of loots on the way to power-up.

Readyset Heroes Is A New Fast Paced Dungeon Crawle
Choose one from ten cute characters and customize them to your taste

From zero to HERO are the exact words to describe this title. At first, the only equipment you have is a wooden sword (apart from the customizable outfits). With that, you'll need to speed-run through the dungeon by looting and collecting more armor, as well as achieving stronger abilities and spells.

Readyset Heroes Is A New Fast Paced Dungeon Crawle
Collect more loots to power you up

However, crawling in the random dungeons is not the only focal point of this title. In fact, you're not the only team that gets into that dungeon. There are other teams racing through the same dungeon as well, so there's no time to rest. The faster one to riddle the dungeon will receive a vicious "winner-take-all" messages, emphasizing their glory.

Readyset Heroes Is A New Fast Paced Dungeon Crawle
The fastest team will be the winner

ReadySet Heroes is very easy to get used to, and you can have fun with your friends both locally and only. Fortunately for PS4 owners, you don't need to have PlayStation Plus to play it online.

Release date

ReadySet Heroes is going to come out for both PlayStation 4 and PC on October 1. Players will have to pay $19.99 for it, and PS4 and PC players can play with the others through cross-play support.

It's a rare step from Sony Interactive, considering it certainly wants to keep its title on its console only. Nevertheless, it's a great news for us, as we can expect more and more PS4 exclusive games to come for PC in the future.

Readyset Heroes Is A New Fast Paced Dungeon Crawle
We can expect Death Stranding to come to PC as well!

However, this game is only available for PC on Epic Games Store. To remind you, the case of three triple-A titles from Quantic Dream is similar, which they only appeared on Epic Games Store. If this trend continues, we will have to rely on Epic for other Sony's titles in the future.

Readyset Heroes Is A New Fast Paced Dungeon Crawle
Beyond: Two Souls and two other titles from Quantic Dream went Epic Games Store exclusive

It's not bad of a deal for me, but for some Epic haters, it might be a pain in their ass!