Yesterday, in ChinaJoy 2019, Metaverse Keeper has revealed its gameplay with an announcement for a PS4 release.

In fact, the game has previously come out on Steam Early Access. You can watch the game's trailer here:

The intriguing background story

Metaverse Keeper's story started in another time and another reality. At that scenario, there's a planet called Noah that has the most innovative technology in the universe. Its advancement has broken any limits of time and space, allowing its inhabitants to have a look into the future. And in there, they see that Noah is going to disappear entirely in this universe due to a disaster.

In order to prevent that from coming, a hero that no ones no his name has stood up. With the planet's advanced knowledge, he insisted that he can save Noah from its devastating future. However, things turn out very badly, as he decided to use his power to bend time and space, just to create an even more catastrophic event. But fortunately, somehow Noah is still alive!

Metaverse Keeper Is The Co Op Dungeon Crawler About Multi
No one knows the reason behind his decision

How could that happen? Well, space and time have intertwined themselves, bringing other stars, planets civilization from anywhere in history together, to form a dangerous place called the Metaverse.

Without completing his unknown objective, the 'hero' is coming back to threaten the being of Metaverse. But this time, the mysterious government of the Universe has worked together. They've invited four heroes to prevent that from happening.

Metaverse Keeper Is The Co Op Dungeon Crawler About Multi
The disaster has brought all universes together

Together, they will prevent 'The Boss', and find out the hidden reason why he wants to destroy everything!

About its gameplay

According to the Chinese developer, Metaverse Keeper is a dungeon-crawler that supports multiplayer. There will be totally four heroes to choose from - all of whom are the veterans of numerous conflicts. Each of them has saved their universe a lot of times, and they'll work together to prevent this utter disaster.

The first one is Wong - the Programer. He's the hacker that master the art of technology and fist-to-fist combat. His special power is Matrix Shuttle - dashing through the hordes of enemies while dealing damage to them.

The second one is Zoe: The Bomber Girl. The explosion specialists will blow up every enemy that stands in her paths. Her special power is Rocket Leap - launching herself to the air to dodge enemies' attacks and dealing damage on both take-off and landing.

Metaverse Keeper Is The Co Op Dungeon Crawler About Multi
From left to right - top to bottom: Brooks, Howard, Wong and Zoe

The third hero is Brooks: The Rock Star. The blond guy has a good-looking face and a powerful rock'n'roll spirit. His unique ability is the three dashes allowing him to dodge enemies attacks. The dash stacks will refill over time, and he can use them at any time in the battle.

The last savior is Howard: The Astronaut. He's the one that has traveled to multiple places in this Metaverse and holding a decent knowledge of everywhere he goes. With his knowledge, he can open two portals connecting any two points of an area, which is very useful when flanking and escaping.

Metaverse Keeper Is The Co Op Dungeon Crawler About Multi
Here's the look on all four heroes of Metaverse

Furthermore, each of the heroes can power up his/her talent differently by using Chips. Chips are the ancient Noah technology that was somehow not destroyed in the catastrophe.

With the Chips, Wong can upgrade his maximum health, stamina, and damage. Zoe can bring more bombs with higher damage with her and regains health when she explodes enemies with a bomb. Brooks can use Chips actively to create healing orbs on the maps, gain HP at the cost of MP, and raise the overall stats of critical chance and total stamina. Howard is basically a supporter who can summon energy orbs, buff his teammates' damage and restore their shield amount.

Metaverse Keeper Is The Co Op Dungeon Crawler About Multi
Combine your abilities together to defeat the tough bosses

Play modes and release date

Metaverse Keeper is a great title to grind even when you're playing alone or with your friends. It supports up to four players co-op, and you invite your friend both online and locally.

You can already try the game on PC by joining its Steam Early Access version. PS4 release will come out at later date.