As the sequel of the 2016 Doom Remake was delayed for three more months, here are the top ten games with similar gameplay and stories so that you can enjoy while waiting for the final launch date to hit.

10 – Doom (2016)

Tearing apart a demon using just your hands

It is obvious that the first game that fans who are interested in Doom Eternal should try out first is the previous Doom remake, Doom 2016. Many fans were doubting the game when it came out, however, they were pleasantly surprised. Doom Eternal has managed to take everything noteworthy from the classic Doom game, spray on a coat of paint with 2016 standards, then set it out upon the unsuspecting gamers. Doom 2016’s action parts were amazingly fluid, as you shoot, smash, and claw your way through an endless horde of demons. Doom 2016’s success is probably one of the few reasons that we would get another Doom sequel just 3 years afterward.

9 – Super Meat Boy

Perfect timing is crucial in this game - and you have to do it consistently

It might seem to be weird when listing a platformer in a list regarding shooters, however, there is a reason for it. In Doom 2016, the most important thing is that you have to constantly kill the enemies and perform executions on them to gain health. The hard part is that you have to do it while avoiding the constant stream of attacks the demons send in your general direction. The only way to do that is to practice your timing – in Super Meat Boy, you would get to do exactly that.

After you have refined your timing skill while playing Super Meat Boy, beating all those death traps, spinning blades and smashing pillars, timing in Doom Eternal would be a cakewalk for you.

8 – Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein The New Order Wreckage
Another remake to a classic shooter series... also published by Bethesda

If you are going to try out Bethesda’s shooter remakes, you might as well check out the first game, which is Bethesda’s take on another classic shooter series. Wolfenstein: The New Order has breathed new life into the franchise, which is literally what Doom 2016 did to its own series. While waiting for Doom Eternal to come out, it might be a good idea to check the Wolfenstein remake out, for they both share some similarities in gameplay. The usual approach that works with Doom might not be a good idea in Wolfenstein however, as your player character is not an invincible machine of Death.

7 – Doom 3

Maxresdefault 2
The last game in the original Doom Trilogy

Doom 3, while often considered to be the black sheep of the series, is not something that could be overlooked – if you are trying to get a wholesome Doom experience. This game is an old take to the classic “Alien Invasion” scenario in which you have to take on the whole demonic horde on your own. Doom 3’s gameplay is really fast-paced comparing to its previous prequels – if you enjoyed Doom 2016’s fast pace combat and is up for some retro gaming, Doom 3 could potentially be a great choice to improve your game library.

6 – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

Maxresdefault 3
Call of Duty Modern Warfare is the best multiplayer shooter this year

The biggest shooter released this year on PC and console is probably the remake of Modern Warfare. Game companies seem to have run out of original idea – remaking then selling their classic titles is a surefire strategy. Unlike Doom, Call of Duty’s main focus is on multiplayer, which could potentially be harder than any single player shooter can ever be.

If you are camping for Doom: Eternal, you might as well give this game a try, as it can definitely give you a run of your money until the next call of duty hit.

5 – Halo 2

Halo 2 Classic Screenshot 4
Relive the Halo days with the Master Chief collection coming soon to PC

Halo 2 is pretty much a classic that you can never go wrong by playing. For years, its widely considered to be the top of the shooter genre, in both singleplayer and multiplayer. Equipped with one of the best sci-fi coop campaigns, you and your friends can still burn hours upon hours into Halo 2 without ever touching the multiplayer component. The protagonist of Doom and Halo are really similar as well, with both being super soldiers who can annihilate a legion. If “armored green guy demolishing people in the face” is your thing, Halo 2 could definitely satisfy that craving.

4 – Half-Life 2

Half Life 2 Review 2
One of the best single-player campaigns ever made

You literally cannot speak about classic shooters without mentioning Half-Life 2. Gordon Freeman, the protagonist of Half-Life and its sequel, is also an armored badass, much like the main characters of Doom and Halo. The game is set during an alien invasion, which shares some similarities to the premise of the Doom series.

The biggest resemblance here, however, is the variety of weapons that the player can make use of in both games. You can always find new, interesting ways to destroy your enemies, either it being a wave motion beam or a gun that shoots alien hornets.

3 – Cuphead

Prepare your dodging skill, cause enemies are going to come in every direction

Being a bullet hell/ projectile dodging simulator, Cuphead is actually a decent game to practice if you want to have a head start in Doom Eternal. The main thing is that you have to dodge almost everything on the screen while trying to damage your enemies. Filter through the visual mess is no joke and the same thing also happens in Doom.

2 – Prey

Another chance to battle the alien horde in Prey

It is common knowledge that people flocked to Doom 2016 because of its amazing single-player campaign. The multiplayer, while being decent, was considered just a side attraction than anything else. The same thing can be said about Prey, as the single-player campaign of this game is pretty much a masterpiece in its own genre. Inspired by legendary titles like System Shock and Bioshock, Prey delivered an amazing RPG shooter horror experience, in which you have to destroy an alien threat on your own before they are able to come into contact with Earth. Clearing out this game is not a bad way to wait for Doom Eternal’s release.

1 – Doom (1993)

Doom 1993 Screenshot 01 Ps4 Us 26july2019
The original is rather dated, but if you are up for playing old games, this is a prime choice

Another way to spend your time preparing for Eternal’s release is to either play or watch the first Doom, the 1993 version that started it all. The game, along with Quake and Wolfenstein, was pretty much the first predecessors to the modern-day shooter. They are legendary games of their time, however, you might find quite a few features being rather dated. Those YouTubers who post their playthroughs of old games are useful here, as you can binge a whole playthrough of the game in just one afternoon.

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