Real-time strategy has always been among the hottest genres out there for PC. At first, they seem extremely intimidating and distant to us players. However, they all demand hours of “trying hard” before you can really get the hand of a game and start liking it. However, in Conan Unconquered, things are a bit different.

Conan Unconquered is the very first title of real-time strategy that takes place in the fantasy universe popularized by Arnold Schwarzenegger as well as hits like Age of Conan or Conan Exiles. By mixing survival elements and the brutal mythos of Conan, it’s clear that Conan Unconquered is for RTS veterans. Take a look at its official cinematic announcement trailer here:

Petroglyph – a veteran RTS developer

As a matter of fact, there aren’t a lot of developers that have a good understanding of the RTS genre like Petroglyph. Petroglyph studio consists of former staff from Westwood, who developed Command & Conquer, Grey Goo and remasters of Command & Conquer. In short, Petroglyph is here to revolutionize and revamp the RTS genre for our modern generation.

Conan Unconquered quick overview

Conan Unconquered Review
Get ready for an epic tower defense RTS title with Conan!

Conan Unconquered – a title of a game of faithful defense and menacing exploration. To start off, you’ll need to build a fortress in the dangerous wasteland. After that, your job is to defend it by fending off waves of vicious monstrosities from Thugra Khotan the sorcerer. Use mines and farms to collect resources, set up all defenses to prepare for deadly battles. It’d be an epic, gory tower defense against bandits, scorpions and all kinds of beasts.

Conan unconquered 0
Defense your fort from vicious beasts that won't show any mercy on you.

In Conan Unconquered, you get to command and control your troops. Especially, you can control epic heroes from Conan: Kalanthes the sorcerer, Valeria the pirate and of course, Conan himself. Each of the heroes can flip the outcome of a battle and therefore should be in good commander’s hand. They have their own unique abilities, which are available after leveling up. In addition, search the wasteland for Guardians, as defeating these bosses will offer you artifacts to acquire new skills.

Tech tree

Conan Unconquered Tech Tree
Conan Unconquered tech tree, offering various building unlocks and upgrades for your fortress.

Another amazing feature in Conan Unconquered is the tech tree. This tree unlocks various buildings that can offer powerful units. The Avatar of Mitra is a nice example. It’s a huge walking colossus that can crush everything standing in its way, even our own structures!

Multiplayer mode

Conan Unconquered
Conan Unconquered allows co-op mode where you can team up with your friends for a change.

There’s a co-op mode in Conan Unconquered where you can play with your friends online. This requires much more communication and coordination as you’ll face much tougher waves of enemies. Although you and your friends defend a single base and share income, you can only control units from your barrack. Therefore, brace yourselves for the battles as they won’t be anything near easy.

Solo mode

For those who don’t like to communicate and coordinate (or don’t have friends), they can enjoy playing in the bespoke leaderboards. Once you finish a map, send out the ‘Challenge Link’ to others and invite them to try the map. A leaderboard will then appear for the particular map, showing everyone’s progress and high scores. Needless to say, the competition is fierce and everyone will be aiming for the top spot!

Conan Unconquered is more accessible than a typical RTS title but it is not a piece of cake whatsoever. You’ll always have to manage your resources and keep everything up and running properly. Your enemies will always capable of burning your fort to the ground with their fire weaponry. These little details will always keep you in check, thus increase the urgency feeling you have in the game.

In summary

Conan Unconquered
Conan Unconquered - Out now on Steam!

All the previous details truly mark a high-intensity, fast-paced twist on the RTS genre. Conan Unconquered balances aggressive immediacy with tactics, making it a highly unique co-op RTS title we can find in quite a while.

If you’re ready and up for the challenges, Conan Unconquered is now available to purchase on Steam.