After seeing what human being has done to Earth, the vision of inhabiting on an exotic planet is coming closer and closer to reality. We might not be able to see the doom of Earth like our children, so Pax Nova is a game to give you such experience on leaving Earth and building a new home on another planet.

Pax Nova has been announced last year and has been staying under Steam Early Access since May. Now, after receiving enough feedbacks to further polish the game, it's time that the developer Grey Wolf Entertainment announced that the full version of Pax Nova is coming out soon.

Below is the trailer of the game that comes out a year ago, which you can have a look to see what you can do in this strategy game:

The background story of Pax Nova

The story of Pax Nova starts as the home of humans - the Earth - is on the edge of destruction. After suffering from the consequences of countless armed wars and thousands of years of pollution caused by modern life, the Earth is no longer a safe place for humans anymore.

Hence, humankind has put their attention to space, finding a new inhabitable planet. And their efforts have brought back fruitful results, as they've found a new star system to live in - Eos. Now, they will have to leave the dying planet and start over by moving to Eos, forming the new period of 'Pax Nova'.

Pax Nova Is A Strategy Game About Building Humanki
The Eos star system has a lot of planets to explore

Will it be enough to save humans? We will never know without a try!

Gameplay features

Pax Nova is a 4X sci-fi strategy game, in which you'll become the leader of on faction, embarking on a race to get the most influence on the planets in Eos. If you don't know what "4X" means, it's the name of a 1993-announced game genre, which shorts for "eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate". And the definition of this genre has explained mostly everything you must do in Pax Nova.

To be more specific, you'll choose one from 15 factions that vary in three races, and lead them on the exploration of new untouched planets. The developer is very proud to say that those planets are "more than just a collection of stats", each has its procedurally-generated biomes, ecosystem and a pack of quests.

Pax Nova Is A Strategy Game About Building Humanki
Each planet has a lot of complicated quests for you to complete

Your job here is to complete the quests while exploiting every resource that you can. In order to do that, you'll have to deploy your forces, build necessary facilities while protecting your territory from the looming threats. The dangers that you're facing does not only come from the exotic creatures on the planets, but also from other factions that are also pillaging the planet as well.

Pax Nova Is A Strategy Game About Building Humanki
There are a lot of species for you to explore

Depending on your playstyle, you can choose whether you'll respond in those situations. First, you can choose the path of peace, exchange resources and form alliance with them through diplomatic means. Not everyone is willing to have a diplomatic relationship with you, and the options depend on how advanced are your traits and your technology. So you'd better strengthen yourself first before expanding your territory.

Pax Nova Is A Strategy Game About Building Humanki
If you've developed your technology enough, you might be able to communicate with other factions to offer an alliance

But if you feel that diplomacy is too complicated, or you've failed your efforts, Pax Nova still left a choice for you: using military forces. The battles in this game are very epic that stretches not only on the planet but also to space as well. You'll have to carefully deploy your troops, sent advanced ships towards the battles, and show them who's good at strategical planning.

Pax Nova Is A Strategy Game About Building Humanki
Or you can just exterminate the pirates using your destroyer ships!

Each time you start your adventure in this game, you'll experience brand new win conditions, and how you complete them is solely up to you. However, no matter which path you choose, you'll be able to explore the past of the Eos star system, which adds a whole narrative look to the game.

Release date and supported platforms

Even though Pax Nova has a lot of micromanagement, you don't have to rush finishing it either. Hence, it's a great strategy game to enjoy in your free time, and it's coming out for PC officially in early 2020.

Pax Nova Is A Strategy Game About Building Humanki
Pax Nova is leaving Early Access in 2020

The game still doesn't have its official release date yet, but if you're interested, you can play the Early Access version of the game at the price of $24.99. Enjoy!