The developer Solid Clouds has primed their upcoming MMORTS game - Starborne as the most ambitious PC strategy title of years, and they have a great reason for it. Starborne is a space strategy game, in which you can make your name remember by building your empire and conquer the universe!

Below is the trailer showcasing the gorgeous visuals as well as tons of things that you can do in Starborne. You can have a look down here:

Overview of Starborne

As I've mentioned, Starborne is an MMORTS game - which puts thousands of players into the same universe, planning and building their empire. It's the brainchild from Solid Clouds - the developer that consists of several former creators behind Eve Online. They've been working on Starborne for over six years, and it's time to put it to the limelight!

Starborne Alpha Free To Play 2
Starborne is a new game from former EVE Online's creators

The concept of this game is quite simple: you start with your base in space and start to expand your territory over the vast universe. There are six specializations that you can choose from, each of which has unique skills and playstyles. Your task is to become the biggest power in this galaxy and make name remembered throughout the times.

In order to do that, you'll have to gather resources to build up your empire from systems of construction. Building fleets, broadening your borders, and fulfill missions to pillage planets to fuel your economy. Not only the resources but also the room of the galaxy are limited - so, conflicts are unavoidable.

Starborne Alpha Free To Play 4
Fight to claim the territories for your empire!

There will be times that you encounter other enemies through your expanding progress. At those moments, you have two choices to react to. The first one is to sabotage their fleets with your firepowers. If you choose this approach, you'll head into the epic RTS battles, commanding your ships to outgun your opponents with certain strategies. To be more specific, you'll have to carefully plan when is the time to strike, which fleets will be useful in which battles, and co-operate with your allies for the most unexpected flank.

Starborne Alpha Free To Play 3
Team up with other players to form a mighty alliance

The second one is much softer - solving the conflicts through diplomatic means. You can offer other players with resource exchanging and also form an alliance, peacefully developing without interfering with others' situations. However, the diplomatic landscape in space is very fragile, and you must always be aware of your back!

Starborne Alpha Free To Play 8
The resources are too rare for a permanent alliance

Alpha available now, beta is coming soon

If you're interested in Starborne after the images and the information above, you can try the game right this moment through its alpha stage. It's completely free and available for everyone that would like to become a part of this vast galaxy, so you don't have to rely on luck or anything.

Starborne Alpha Free To Play 1
Starborne's alpha stage is available now for free

The steps are very simple - just head to its official site - create an account and you're good to go! The game will be refresh once a week in its alpha stage - and the next one is happening on November 7. It's very crucial to get a fresh start - since you might not catch up with the progress that the previous player has made with their empire.

The open beta of Starborne will start at an unspecified date in the first quarter of 2020, and we will not be likely to see the official launch of the game soon. So, if you're really into this MMORTS game, don't hesitate to get in right now!