Remember someone has said that the Earth is flat? In Circle Empires Rivals, it's not only flat but is also the network of many kingdoms made of circles! And with your ambitions, all of those circles must be yours, as you'll embark on the ultimate conquer ever!

Circle Empires Rivals is the upcoming RTS game from Luminous - the developer behind the funny-looking multiplayer game Headsnatcher. Iceberg Interactive will help Luminous publishing this game, and here's the announcement trailer from the publisher:

About Circle Empires Rivals

Circle Empires Rivals is the sequel of Circle Empires - the award-winning RTS game that came out in 2018. And while Luminous want to replicate the features that have brought Circle Empires success, the developer also packs some new features in this game as well!

Circle Empires Rivals Announcement Trailer 1
Circle Empires Rival to continue the success of its predecessor

To be more specific, you will be the ruler of a kingdom in a circle, and you'll have to send your troops to the other kingdoms' territory to take over them. In order to spread your kingdom, you'll have to hire over 25 factions leaders, each has its distinctive abilities. After creating your mightiest army ever, send them to seize others; defense lines, and claim your own land.

Circle Empires Rivals Announcement Trailer 3
Send your troop to the next circle and conquer it!

As soon as you've successfully conquered your land, you can start to loot many items there, and use your skill points that you've gained to upgrade your units and further expand your territory, circle by circle. Additionally, there are several boss monsters, which you can defeat and gain a huge amount of money, EXP and rare drops from them.

Circle Empires Rivals Announcement Trailer 5
Huge bosses drop rare items and a lot of money!

However, while you're busy conquering, the enemies will strike you from other sides as well. Hence, you'll have to form your own defense line, choosing from over 250 buildings and creatures to guard your kingdom while your troops are not there. Balancing between defending and attacking is the key to lead you to the final throne.

What's new with this sequel

That's the original gameplay features from its prequel, so what's new about Circle Empires Rivals?

Still featuring the fan-favorite fast-paced RTS gameplay, this game will allow you to play not only solo but also with other friends as well. The developer Luminous has confirmed that Circle Empires Rivals has several online multiplayer modes, including a co-op mode and a competitive mode. Thus, you can invite your friend to conquer the world together, or work against them to find who is the best at RTS game.

Circle Empires Rivals Announcement Trailer 6
It's the first time in the history of the RTS series that you can play it with other players!

Circle Empires Rivals is coming out at some times in Early 2020. At launch, it will support PC for Steam. And if you're interested in the visuals and gameplay of the series, the first Circle Empires is now under 40% sale, which is now only $4.79 now.