The concept of RTS (real-time strategy) games makes it very difficult to bring them to consoles. Most developers thought that the complicated controls in RTS games are not suitable for playing with controllers, so they mainly deliver their game to PC-only.

However, studio Tower Five did not think so. And to prove their standpoint, it has delivered a brand new action-RTS game namely Lornsword Winter Chronicle for PS4 and Xbox One. And since it's one of few ways to have grand strategy fun on consoles, I absolutely adore this game.

You can see what's good about it in the trailer below:

The story of Lornsword Winter Chronicle

The developer Tower Five has decided to remain mysterious when it comes to the story of Lornsword Winter Chronicle. In fact, it's a heavy narrative game, in which players will learn about the Winter Chronicles in a fictional land. However, as it wants to give players a completely new look into the story, Tower Five didn't reveal much about what happens in this game.

Lornsword Rts Game For Consoles 5
We don't know much about what happens in Lornsword Winter Chronicle

Instead, we only have some details on the game's background. You'll step into the shoes of a brave warrior named Corun Lan Ka. The empire of Lorn is counting on you, and as the greatest Lornknight, you'll have to lead your army through epic battles, set up your economy, and make it great!

Gameplay features

Lornsword Winter Chronicle is the first action RTS game made especially for consoles. In order to make the control over your army easier, the developer binds every task with a distinctive button.

In fact, the developer said that it's best to play this game with consoles, and you can use any kind of controller to play it, from the Dualshock to the Xbox Ones and even Steam controller. Furthermore, not only does it has good control but it also has high-quality graphics as well, with 60FPS gameplay on both PS4 and Xbox One.

Lornsword Rts Game For Consoles 6
It looks smooth in 60FPS for PS4 and Xbox One!

The nature of an action game requires you to control Corun Lan Ka to become the true leader on the battlefield. There, you'll have to fight alongside your soldiers, explore the great land of Lorn and capturing many locations for pillaging. That's when you show off your strategic prowess, managing resources, upgrade your unit and planning your approach to the battle in real-time.

Lornsword Rts Game For Consoles 1
Corun Lan Ka have to fight and guide his army at the same time

The single-player campaign story will last for at least 30 hours, containing various chapters with customizable difficulty. If you're feeling too challenging to win a battle, you can try again with lower difficulty levels. The special thing about this game's story is that you don't have to win every battle in order to come to a new chapter. as you can skip several of them without too many problems.

Lornsword Rts Game For Consoles 4
Skip the battles that you think are too hard

Last but not least, hacking and slashing your way through the battles and making orders for your troops is too hard to deal with on your own. So, the game will make it easier for you by allowing to invite a second player into the battle at any time. They'll play as Lassia - the trusty assistant of Corun, which will become a brutal soldier in battle.

If you opt to do so, you'll share your screen with your friends, and feel free to do your task together at the same time. You can focus on leading your troops, and your friends will take care of the fight for you, or vice versa. If he/she needs to drop out in the middle of the game, feel free to let them, as you can do this immediately without any penalty.

Lornsword Winter Chronicle
You'll switch back to the single-player mode immediately if your friends have to quit

Supported platforms and pricing

Lornsword Winter Chronicle is now available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC through Steam. A Switch version will come at a later date.

You can have it with only $24.99 - a reasonable price for the best RTS game for consoles.