BattleGoat Studios has made a huge step with its new grand strategy game - Galactic Ruler. If you haven't heard of this developer, it's the creator behind the 2010's Supreme Ruler series - the RTS series featuring real events in the world's history.

And now, with Galactic Ruler, it has come to the cosmic scale now, as players will compete to become the lord of the whole universe! Below is the cinematic trailer of the game to mark the day it was announced. See it below to catch what's great about this new game:

About Galactic Ruler

One of the things I don't like about Galactic Ruler is its lack of background story. Unlike the previous 'Supreme Ruler' games which have the real historical events to back for its narrative, Galactic Ruler has nothing that gives you the motivation to fight for.

Galactic Ruler Rule The Galaxy With Either Force O
Supreme Ruler games take the settings of World War II

In fact, the only thing we know about this game's concept is that it takes place at both the planetary level and cosmic level. As the head of a faction, you'll have to draw the whole plan to conquer the galaxies and become the legendary leader of the universe. The only thing that pushes you through this battle is the dream of being a conqueror!

Gameplay features

To make up for the poor background story, the developer BattleGoat Studios has packed many great features into Galactic Ruler's gameplay. The first thing to mention is the procedurally generated cosmic, which you can customize its size and density. Hence, each time you get into this game, you'll have a completely different experience exploring hundreds of planets and dozens of systems.

Galactic Ruler Rule The Galaxy With Either Force O
Explore the vast customizable universe that changes over time

The first thing you want to do is to ensure your home planet stays strong. You'll need to analyze what you'll need to maintain the sustainable development of your home base before venturing to other planets. Conduct some research to enhance your military power, and at the same time, keep a sharp eye on the social and economic status of your planet.

Galactic Ruler Rule The Galaxy With Either Force O
Keep track of your home status

In order to strengthen your faction, you'll need to gather resources from those planets. However, lying on those locations are hostiles enemies with modern technology, who are always ready to defend it from your expedition. Furthermore, other factions, both including the AI and online players will not let you get all those resources for free. What will you do?

At this point, there are two options that you can choose. If you're feeling confident about your firepowers, using violence is the simplest yet quickest way to conquer the planets. Combating through complicated fights with real-time strategy is a true headache at first, but if you're really into macroing the whole match, it will be very interesting.

Galactic Ruler Rule The Galaxy With Either Force O
Galactic Ruler is an RTS game, in which you'll have to give order to every troop in the epic battles

But if you're a peace-lover, you can go well with diplomacy. Forge some negotiations with other factions to form alliances, trade your resources with them in exchange for the goods and weapons you need is not a bad choice at all. But remember, every alliance is fragile, and you should be careful in case they decide to backstab you at some point.

Galactic Ruler Rule The Galaxy With Either Force O
Galactic Ruler supports up to 15 players in the same universe, and none of them are your permanent allies.

Release date and supported platforms

Galactic Ruler will come out at an unknown date in 2020. Specifically, the developer BattleGoat Studios is going to publish its own title, and its release date will lie somewhere in the second quarter of 2020.

At launch, Galactic Ruler will only support PC through Steam, and information on consoles support is yet to be announced.