Way back in early 2016, developer Orangepixel launched Space Grunts, which was a turn-based roguelike for those who are generally not fans of that genre. That means the game retained the tactical turn-based decision making but increased the pace of basically everything else, giving it a more action-focused feel – which is exactly what we know and love from Orangepixel.

In fact, Space Grunts was originally intended as a turn-based version of Heroes of Loot, and for the most part the developer nailed it. We had a pretty good time with the game and think it is one of Orangepixel’s better titles. Well, now here is the good news: It’s time to return to the universe of Space Grunts again as the developer has officially announced that it is getting a sequel. Simply titled Space Grunts 2, this upcoming release takes the same fast-paced formula of the original and throws into that a  card-battling spin. Check out some screenshots below:

Space Grunts 2 Picture 1
Still the same fast-paced roguelike experience...

Space Grunts 2 Picture 2
...but with card battling mechanics

Of course, if you’ve been following Orangepixel, then you probably know that the game has been under development for a few months already. In fact, the developer has constantly been keeping us updated on how Space Grunts 2 is going via plenty of videos on its YouTube channel, so if you are interested in how the game is made, definitely give that a look. The most recent clip lasts for a whopping 14 minutes and gives us some pretty in-depth insights on the development process of the game. We’ve included it right below for you:

On the other hand, if you want to actually try out Space Grunts 2 to see what it’s like in action, an Early Access version is available on Steam right now. An iOS version is expected to arrive before the end of the year as well, so do stay tuned for more updates!