If there is a chance to revive the one you love, will you risk everything for it? I don't know if I will, but the protagonist in Sword of Necromancer has taken this challenge.

Sword of Necromancer has caught our eyes during TGS 2019. However, we have to spend our time on many other great games, so this coverage of the game comes quite late. Nevertheless, it's finally here, and you can see the pink-hair protagonist in action back in TGS 2019 here:

The story of Sword of Necromancer

Sword of Necromancer throws you into the adventure of Tama - a man whose wife has just died. Can't get over this loss, Tama decided to bring Koko back by using the forbidden power of the Sword of Necromancer.

Sword Of Necromancer A New Roguelike Dungeon Crawl
Tama is trying to bring his beloved one back to life

However, bringing back a dead person requires a lot of soul power, which puts Tama on the extremely dangerous journey. He'll have to head down the dungeon, slay all 5 guardians of the Necromancer to collect enough power for the sword.

Putting everything he got on this gamble, Tama will bring Koko back to life, no matter what he has to pay in the process.

Special features

As I have mentioned, Sword of Necromancer is a roguelike dungeon crawler with pixel graphics. You'll take control of the pink-haired protagonist - Tama ascending the dungeon to kill the guardians.

Sword Of Necromancer A New Roguelike Dungeon Crawl
Meet Tama - the handsome protagonist of Sword of Necromancer

This game features the key elements of a dungeon crawler game: leveling, looting, upgrading, and bosses. First things first, the deeper you climb down the dungeon and slay the monsters, the more EXP you will get. Leveling up will grants you skill points to spend on upgrading your stats.

Secondly, about looting, there will be a range of weapons dropped randomly in the dungeon. And with the weapon being procedurally generated, no weapon's attributes and effects are the same. Using your arsenal, you'll dominate your enemies with head-to-head battles.

Sword Of Necromancer A New Roguelike Dungeon Crawl
You can equip more than one weapons to fight with the monster

However, the main weapon that you'll rely on is the Sword of Necromancer. Specifically, it has the power of reviving the monsters you have killed. Hence, you can turn your enemies into your companion, and make them fight with you through the dungeon.

Sword Of Necromancer A New Roguelike Dungeon Crawl
Use the power of the sword to make the monsters fight for you

Last but not least, Sword of Necromancer doesn't have perma-death. Every time you die in the dungeon, you will lose all your companying monsters and weapons, but you don't have to start the whole dungeon again. Instead, you'll only lose half of your EXP you've gained. Even better, you can opt to get out of the dungeon at any time with the price of losing all EXP but can keep your equipment.

Supported platforms

The developer Grimorio of Games didn't provide any information on the release date of the game yet.

Until now, we only know that the game is coming for PC and Switch.