The App Store has witnessed so many physical board games make their way into the platform in the form of cool little apps. Apparently, there has also been quite a lot of Rogue-like dungeon crawlers as well. However, a rogue-like dungeon title that has the mechanics of a board game is something we’ve rarely seen anywhere else. With that being said, from developer Angry Kid, Undervault is the title for us to watch out for.

Undervault - a unique dungeon crawler with RPG elements from developer Angry Kid.

A late iOS release

Originally, people have got the chance to play the game on Android and PC a few years ago. However, it was very under-the-radar although it had an awesome mechanics to experience. Now, the chance has come for iOS users as Undervault is now available on the App Store. Before we dig any deeper into the game, here’s its most recent trailer:

Cool feature

In fact, the most unique thing about Undervault is how players can make a big difference deciding how the dungeon layout unfolds. According to an Android reviewer, Undervault is the game of simplicity, luck and somehow “turn-based perma-death RPG”. In addition, it comes with interesting room generation mechanics that just scratch the itch flawlessly.

"You will die a lot" - That definitely explains the wording "perma-death" from an Android reviewer.

HD remake "Ludopolis"

At the moment, developer Angry Kid is actually raising funds for a special HD remake of Undervault. As sources stated, the so-called new game “Ludopolis” is under development and has showed up on Steam. You can head over there to check it out right now.

Here's how the HD remake version "Ludopolis" will look like.

Generally speaking, Undervault is very appealing but people are also giving lots of attention towards the prettier version of it. Nonetheless, the choice is obviously yours to make as Angry Kid would appreciate either of your decision. Right now, you can pre-order Undervault on App Store at the cost of $2.99 (Rs 210). Ludopolis, however, will not be heading to Steam until 2020.