A sudden break for Exiles of Embermark

From Gunslinger, gamers had been waiting quite a while for the promising title Exiles of Embermark to hit the market. However, just about a month ago, the studio made a shocking announcement for every fans and followers out there. Gunslinger put on hold the development of the PvP dueling title, just because they were in short of funds.

According to the devs, the game was 75% complete and it was quite a shame to see how it ended up that way. Nonetheless, it’s totally not the end of the world as Gunslinger unveiled a brand-new project in that same announcement, the “Dungeoning”.

As Exiles of Embermark ceased to continue, Dungeoning rises up.

Dungeoning overview

Basically, Dungeoning utilizes the item customization system from Exiles and transforms it into a beautiful dungeon-based idle game. For Gunslinger, they’d better work on the finishing touches and release the game in a timely manner. From a financial point of view, the earnings from the dungeon crawler title should be used to directly fund Exiles of Embermark, getting it up and going.

The massive item customization from Exiles of Embermark really inspired Dungeoning.

Here’s a little teaser of Dungeoning: pixel-style artwork of moves for different classes in the game. From the available information, there will be classes like Rogue, Wizard, Warrior, Bard and Cleric.

By seeing the lutes at the last row, you must have figured out that's the Bard class, right?

Although there isn't something too special about the pixel-art icons, Gunslinger is actually working on something else that’s rather more exciting! They did make an announcement on taking sign-ups for beta test. Yes, you’ve heard it right! If you feel like trying the game out before literally everyone, check out the beta testing form right here for a chance. At the moment, there are blog posts from the devs on Dungeoning website as well that could interest you while waiting.

In summary

All in all, it’s extremely unfortunate to see Exiles of Embermark on hold like that. Nevertheless, as Dungeoning is emerging, we’d better stay positive and watch out for this epic dungeon crawler idle title.