We first reported on Dungeon Break back in July, when it was entering early access on Google Play, and now, the game has finally made its way over to the App Store. For those who don’t know, this is a sequel to the massively popular strategy game Billion Lords released a while ago, which saw you becoming an evil lord with plenty of minions to carry out your biddings.

That game kind of bore a resemblance to the Overlord games of old, though it put a lot more emphasis on the dungeon-building part. Now, Dungeon Break looks to continue the story of its predecessor, but from a different perspective: This time you’ll actually be playing as the minions, who have now grown tired of being oppressed and have opted to revolt.

Dungeon Break Trailer

Needless to say, the lords are not exactly pleased with the situation, so they’ll quickly make moves to try to quash your rebellion. Thus, in order to achieve freedom, you’ll have to overcome many challenging bosses and avoid countless traps.

Dungeon Break
Get ready to overcome plenty of challenges on the way

You do have a pretty decent arsenal of weapons at your disposal, though, including ice arrows, shotguns, explosive barrels, cannons, and lasers. As you progress, you can also recruit several cute pets to help you out, as well as collecting items and unlocking more characters.

Dungeon Break Cheat
Fight for your freedom using a wide range of weapons

In term of the controls, you’ll move your minions around using a virtual joystick, and they’ll automatically shoot any target they encounter on the way. It’s incredibly straightforward and accessible, though we’ll have to wait and see if there’s much depth to it.

If you liked Billion Lords back in the day, or just want a cute action game to play on your phone, you can head over to the App Store to pick up Dungeon Break right now. For Android users, the early access phase is now over, so the game should arrive on the platform in the near future.