Ria is an upcoming open-world action-adventure game for mobile in which you play as Ria, the son of God, and must now come to Earth to drive back the swarm of evil spirits and save mankind. Check out its trailer below:

The ‘dark souls’, as these evil spirits are called, are trying to summon their queen, and if they succeed, the Earth will be sent into an era of eternal darkness. Your journey to put an end to this malicious plan will take you through every nook and cranny of this massive open world.

Along the way, you will have to face legions of enemies as well as several fearsome bosses. The game is also said to feature ‘dynamically-generated’ environments and enemies, meaning the positions of NPCs and enemies will be different between playthroughs. It’s certainly a cool idea, but we’ll have to wait to see how well it functions in practice. As so many titles have proven – procedurally-generated worlds can be very hit-or-miss.

Ria Ios Screenshot Main Character
A massive open world to explore

Many RPG elements are integrated as well, such as an XP and loot system. You’ll have to obtain various materials from around the world to upgrade your equipment, all of which can be customized to fit your preferred playstyle. The game also boasts plenty of special abilities for you to unlock and master, allowing for multiple fighting styles.

Bosses are promised to be incredibly challenging and are no doubt intended as a focal point of the experience. Each one offers its own special mechanics and moveset that you must learn to counter if you want to come out on top. Needless to say, defeating them will reward you will new, more powerful weapons, so it’ll be worth the effort in the end.

Ria Ios Screenshot Boss
Be prepared to face some daunting enemies and bosses

Ria is set to launch on October 25th for both Android and iOS. It certainly looks like an ambitious project, so we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for this one and keep you updated as soon as there are more details.  Stay tuned!