Speaking of the most-loved film genre, many may first think about adventure movies, especially Hollywood ones. Let Gurugamer.com introduce to you the top list of adventure movies in Hollywood you shouldn’t miss! Check it out now!


Dom Cobb and his partner Arthur are hired to invade others’ dreams to steal secrets in their subconscious, or control or change their minds. Before giving up this dark job and return to his normal life, Dom Cobb has to complete the final mission to remove all allegations saying that he is a murderer.

Cobb’s target, Fischer, has become the latest heir of the business empire Fischer. Saito wants Cobb to urge Fischer to disband his company via the young heir’s dreams. Despite their thorough plans, they have to face a lot of fatal danger when invading Fischer’s dreams. Inception deserves a try if you are looking for a list of adventure movies of Hollywood.

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Lord Of The Rings

This series is based on J. R. R. Tolkien’s novel of the same name and set in the fictional land Middle Earth. It mentions a journey to search for and eliminate the powerful ring of Sauron, the Dark Lord of Mordor who died thousands of years ago but still wants to rebirth with the ring’s support.

The ring is created by Sauron to rule Middle Earth; however, Men and Elves then team up to defeat his empire. In the war, Sauron’s ring finger was cut down, leading to the paralyzation of his total army. His soul is moved to the ring and that means he is actually gone when the ring is ruined.

After many years, the ring accidentally belongs to Hobbit Frodo Baggins. The little Hobbit is now in charge of destroying the ring, along with his friends, regardless of the countless dangers on their journey.

Lord Of The Ring

The Revenant

Inspired by true incidents, The Revenant tells a story about hunter Hugh Glass. After a bloody struggle against Native Americans, Huge gets hurt and left cruelly by his teammates in a dangerous snowy mountain. From that moment, he has to do everything in a bid to keep surviving in the brutal cold, fight against predators, as well as tribes in the wild mountain. He is then alive as magic with the only purpose: return to revenge on Fitzgerald - his once-good friend. The Revenant is also known as a prominent movie that helps Leonardo DiCaprio win the Oscar after his many-year efforts. And that's why it deserves a spot on the list of Hollywood adventure movies in Hindi.

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Avatar tells a story about a reluctant hero Jake Sully - a paraplegic marine whose twin brother is chosen to join the “avatars” program to create Avatars who look like the Na’vi and can live on Pandora. This program aims to help humans invade Pandora, a beautiful planet in the Alpha Centauri star system.

After Jake’s brother is killed, he replaces him to become an Avatar. His mission is to discover Pandora and collect every piece of data about this planet. He gradually falls in love with the natives, making him trapped between two parties. When the war explodes, he has no choice but to make his own decision.


Cast Away

Chuck Nolan (Tom Hanks) is a diligent employee at FedEx depots. He usually travels the world to check productivity at his company’s international branches. After an aviation accident, he drifts to a deserted island and tries his best to keep surviving as long as possible until someone finds and rescues him. On this island, he needs to use his all skills, as well as change himself to keep alive. Tom Hanks's performance is an undeniable affirmation for the position of Cast Away on the list of the best adventure movies in Hollywood.

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Back To The Future

Marty McFly has a time machine that can help him travel through time. However, some glitches take him to the time of 30 years ago. In the past, he meets his parents when they are very young. His appearance no doubt causes a lot of historical conflicts that he has to repair so that history happens as exactly as it should do. Meanwhile, he also tries his best to return to his time. Don't miss Back To The Future if you are looking for a list of adventure movies in Hollywood.

The Croods: A New Age

Surviving in a prehistoric world always means a series of dangers caused by fierce monsters to Doomsday; however, the Croods never have an intention to stop stepping forwards. To have a safer house, they start a new journey to discover further lands with a lot of potentials, and of course, risk. One day, they accidentally come to a peaceful place that is covered by isolated walls. What do the Croods face in the new land? Watch The Croods: A  New Age right now if you are looking for a list of Hollywood adventure movies 2020.

The above list of adventure movies in Hollywood offers you some of the best movies under this genre. Although years go by, they still manage to steal the hearts of audiences across the world. Watch them all and you will get why they gain such success!

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