Maite Perroni is among the most well-known and outstanding artists in the Latin urban genre. Rising to stardom with a role in Mexican pop group RBD, she continued to pave the way for her acting career. Her god-gifted talent together with a great deal of effort has helped her earn a top spot in both the music and film industry.

Best-known for her decades-long character in the famous soap opera “Telenovelas”, the Latino actress has begun to take more challenging roles in recent years.

Maite Perroni
Maite Perroni is one of the household names in Mexican film industry

Apart from being an acclaimed actress and singer, the Latina hottie is also a hot model and social media influencer who has 8 lakh followers on Instagram and 2 lakh subscribers on Youtube. She is quite active on social media as frequently treat her followers with hot and stunning pics of her. Check out sizzling pics of her right below.

The actress and singer set the internet on fire with her sultry pic

In her latest project with Netflix, Perroni takes the leading role as an attorney concurrently a prestigious law professor who discovers ugly truths about her marriage. Her character Alma Solares is a despairing wife who has always been suspicious of her husband having an affair. Subsequently, she got herself into a fling with a much younger man, who later became her college scholar.

Maite Perroni
The actress is last seen in the Netflix erotic thriller series Dark Desire

However, the lapse judgment seems to have a detrimental effect in her life as it leads to a serious obsession that puts her in danger. This upcoming Netflix thriller series "Oscuro Deseo" is internationally available in more than 180 nations.

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Maite Perroni 3
The Dark Desire actress turns heads for her stunning and gorgeous appearance

Talking about her newest role, the actress expressed her appreciation for the opportunity, considering this was one of her best projects. According to what she said, this character was of great importance since it provided the chance for her to step out of the comfort zone, break from the norm, and challenge her own limits.

Maite Perroni 4
Flaunting her sexy curves in a one-piece bikini

Filled with suspense, mystery, lies, murder, and betrayals, the sequence is a truly gripping thriller that you shouldn’t miss. As the past unveiling secrets that speak conflicts among six central characters, you will have the opportunity to see vulnerability come out in its rawest form. By shedding light on heavy problems like femicide and hate crime, the series depicts the revolting downside in Mexico society in a surprisingly striking way.

Maite Perroni 5
Check out Netflix erotic thriller Dark Desire to meet the hottest actress in town Maite Perroni

"Oscuro Deseo" (also known as Dark Desire) has a total of 18 30-minute episodes. With such an idealistic length, each episode will reel you in and hook you to the next one. Check out the official trailer of the series: