Gigi and her younger sister Bella Hadid are among not only the most sought-after supermodels but also the most influential public figures of this generation. Even though the Hadid sisters were born with silver spoons in their mouths, they have been working extremely hard so as to build their own reputations and fortunes.

When mentioning the Hadid sisters, Gigi and Bella are probably the only two names you would think of. However, there are two more of them you might have not even heard about. Yes, that’s right, apart from the supermodel duo, there are Alana and Marielle Hadid.

The Hadid sisters
Apart from Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid. the Hadid sisters also have two more members. Scroll down to find who are they

As you may have known, Real-estate developer Mohamed Hadid and former model Yolanda Hadid had three children namely Gigi, Bella, and Anwar. However, before Yolanda Hadid, Mohamed Hadid had already had two children with the first wife Marty Butler. Accordingly, Alana and Marielle are the two Gigi’s step-sisters that you may have missed out.

Today, let’s dive into some of the unknown facts about the Hadid sisters.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid 2
Gigi Hadid is the hottest and most famous one of the Hadid sisters

Born in 1995, Gigi has managed to become one of the most high-paid models in just a few years thanks to her charming and gorgeous appearance and. Officially starting her modeling career at the age of 17 with a contract with IMG, she has gained numerous significant achievements throughout the years.

Gigi Hadid 4
She is well known for her stunning appearance and perfect figure

By now, Gigi has walked for almost all the biggest names in the fashion world from Chanel, Versace to Balmain. Having notched in numerous major ad campaigns and hitting the headlines frequently, it’s undeniable that Gigi is one of the biggest influencers of the generation. Gigi Hadid official Instagram gained more than 5,5 crore followers and each of her posts always collected lakhs of likes and comments.

Gigi Hadid 3
The 25-year-old girl is said to be one most the most famous influencers among the Millenials.

Apart from her professional field, her dating life is also another center of attention. After the relationship with Cody Simpson and Joe Jonas, Gigi was spotted dating Zayn Malik in November 2015. The couple has made their appearance in several high-profile events including the Met Gala and London Fashion Week ever since. Although it is an on and off the relationship, the two seem to be going stronger than ever as they are expecting a child together.

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Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid
Gigi's siblings Bella Hadid is also working as a professional model

Younger sister Bella Hadid, who follows her footsteps, is the most well-known sibling of Gigi. The 23-year-old model is absolutely no stranger to the fashion world. With the wholehearted support from her big sis Gigi and her amazing endeavor, she has earned a well-deserved spot in the industry.

Bella Hadid 2
And also made it to the Victoria's Secret Runway

Besides numerous lucrative contracts that she has signed, the supermodel has walked for various high-end fashion houses like Chanel, Ralph Lauren, and Marc Jacobs. In addition to her runway career, Bella has done several cover shots for prestigious magazines including Vogue, Elle, and Seventeen.

Bella Hadid 3
The lady turns heads for her unique charisma

Bella’s love life has also come under more scrutiny as she becomes more famous. Her on-off relationship with The Weeknd has become the talk of the town when the two publicized it a couple of years ago. Although the duo has split, they remain good friends and often speak highly of each other.

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Marielle Hadid

Bella Hadid
Bella Hadid, Bella Hadid and Alana Hadid (Left to right)

Marielle Hadid is one of the two stepsisters that share the same biological father with Gigi and also the oldest one in the Hadid sisters. She is the first child of Mohammed Hadid and Mary Butler. The couple divorced in 1992. Born in September 1980 in Washington DC, despite the age gap, she seems to maintain a strong bond with her stepsisters.

The eldest sister is now 39 years old and a mother of two adorable kids Coco and Colton, who often appear on Gigi’s Instagram. Like other sisters in the fashion pie, she has a great sense of humor which can be demonstrated through her social media posts.

Alana Hadid

Alana Hadid
Alana Hadid is the lesser-known member of the Hadid sisters

Alana is the elder step-sister of Gigi and Bella. Her birthday is on 27 July 1985. Born in Washington DC, the 34-year-old stepsister headed to New York for her occupational goal. She also has a professional career in the fashion industry. The New York-based fashion designer is a multitalented creator.

One of her most noticeable works is the collaboration with Lou & Grey to launch a collection of emoji-laden tees for the Current Moji brand. Having a killer closet with a preference for metallics, tailoring, and slogan tees, Alana describes her style as the most 'androgynous' in the family.

In fact, the Hadid family also has one more son whose name is Anwar Hadid. The 21 -year-old boy now also follows the pathway of his siblings Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid as he entered the industry as a professional model. Although the Hadid sisters seem to be living the lives that millions of people would dream of, the best thing about them is that there isn’t any rivalry among the siblings.

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