Jacques Berman Webster II, known as Travis Scott, is a 29-year-old American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. He is well-known for his hit “Sicko Mode” and his “Astronomical” appearance on Fortnite, which attracted 27.7 million people. In his career, he has sold millions of records and has received six Grammy Award nominations. 

Travis Scott
Travis Scott is a popular American rapper and Kylie Jenner's husband.

It appears that McDonald’s is now also a fan of Scott. The giant American fast food company is in collaboration with the famous rapper and offers a new meal called 'The Travis Scott Meal' or 'Cactus Jack' meal for a month. The meal is named after his nickname and record label 'Cactus Jack Records'. 

Alongside having a new meal, the famous rapper is also going to sell McDonald's-themed merchandise. 

Travis Scott Fornite Merchandise
Travis Scott is selling McDonald's merchandise.

However, even though this is a collaboration purely between Scott and McDonald, Fortnite fans somehow manage to find a link between Travis Scott's burger and Fornite. They even call it ‘The Travis Scott Fortnite Burger’. 

Earlier this year, Scott had collaborated with Epic Games to host an online concert called Astronomical. The concert set multi records, attracting millions of people around the world.

Fortnite Travis Scott Astronomical Event

After his spectacular event with Fortnite, there was a massive 491 percent increase in the ticket sales of his event and a surge spike in the online followers across multiple social media platforms.

This massive success Fortnite association might also be the reason why fans are labeling his new 'Cactus Jack' meal as The Travis Scott Fortnite Burger. Scott is the second celebrity in nearly 30 years to feature on the McDonald’s menu, after the NBA legend Michael Jordan.

Fortnite Burger
A Reddit user is trying to link the 'Cactus Jack' meal to Fortnite.

And here are some funny reactions from fans about 'The Travis Scott Fortnite Burger':

Fortnite Burger Reaction 1

Fortnite Burger Reaction 2

Fortnite Burger Reaction 3

Fortnite Burger Reaction 4