Following the retreat from Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back, Luke left his friends and journeyed to the mysterious swamp of Dagobah to find Master Yoda and start his Jedi Knight training. He had no idea that the training would occur in Fortnite, with Yoda teaching him cranking 90s.

Fortnite fans can now access Luke Skywalker, yet the Star Wars event introduces a fresh Luke Skywalker appearance inspired by his time on Dagobah in The Empire Strikes Back, a favorite among fans. This version of Dagobah Luke also includes a cherished small green companion, courtesy of the Yoda back bling. Here's the total cost breakdown for it all.

Dagobah Luke Bundle

Price: 1,800 V-Bucks

If you have enough V-Bucks or simply want to acquire all items from the Star Wars event, visit the Item Shop to purchase the Dagobah Luke Bundle, which includes:

  • Dagobah Luke (outfit)
  • LEGO Dagobah Luke (LEGO style)
  • Yoda (back bling)
  • Yoda Cane (pickaxe)

Getting all of these items would save you up to 400 V-Bucks than buying the items separately. So, take advantage of it. Of course, you can opt to buy only the items you like, and here is the price list.

Dagobah Luke Fortnite

Dagobah Luke Outfit

Price: 1,200 V-Bucks

For 1,200 V-Bucks, players can unlock Dagobah Luke, a younger and more impulsive version of Luke Skywalker during his initial lessons with Master Yoda. This version of Luke differs from the Jedi Knight version in appearance, opting for a sweaty vest over black robes, which may not be the best choice for battling the Empire and Loopers on the Fortnite island. This outfit is available in two different designs as well:

  • Harness (on)
  • Harness (off)

Luke from Dagobah is also included in a LEGO Style at no cost, exclusively available for use in LEGO Fortnite modes.

Dagobah Luke Lego Fortnite
Dagobah Luke LEGO Style
Dagobah Luke Fortnite Harness On
Dagobah Luke - Harness (on)

Yoda Gear Bundle

Price: 1,000 V-Bucks

Players who are not keen on the Dagobah Luke skin can simply pay 1,000 V-Bucks to get Yoda and Yoda's cane, two cosmetics that are bound to attract attention. Even though this package does not come with a skin, it saves you 800 V-Bucks by not receiving Luke Skywalker.

Yoda Gear Bundle Fornite
Yoda Gear Bundle

Yoda Back Bling

The legendary Jedi Master Yoda can easily fit in a backpack and is obtainable through the Dagobah Luke Bundle or the Yoda Gear Pack. Yoda cannot be pet as other Fortnite creatures, yet you can still admire his cuteness and movements. He frequently glances around and sometimes giggles from inside the backpack.

Yoda Back Bling Fornite
Yoda Back Bling

Watch also:

Yoda's Cane Pickaxe

Both packages feature Yoda's Cane, a pickaxe accessible to all players. This cane isn't particularly unique, except for the fact that Yoda used it for support while moving. Unfortunately, once again it is not a lightsaber but rather another Star Wars-themed pickaxe, suggesting that players will likely have to continue using less well-known references for their pickaxes.

Yodas Cane Pickaxe Fornite
Yoda's Cane Pickaxe

Disassembled C-3PO Back Bling

Price: 500 V-Bucks

Although it is not comprised in the Dagobah Luke set, players can acquire the Disassembled C-3PO back bling in the Fortnite x Star Wars Item Shop. This special back bling is priced at 500 V-Bucks and depicts a dismantled C-3PO following an assault by the ugnaughts at Cloud City. It is the ideal back accessory to pair with the recently launched Chewbacca outfit, as it accurately represents the character from The Empire Strikes Back. Besides, it is enjoyable to observe 3PO's head and arm movements as he navigates through the chaotic Battle Royale mode.

Disassembled C 3po Back Bling
Disassembled C-3PO Back Bling

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