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The much-awaited Fortnite's new season is finally here. With rumors and teases of a remake of the Chapter 1 map, fans can now conclude that this is the right call for Developer Epic Games. There are already over 3.9 million views since the release of the battle royale following its release. 

This has set a new record count ever since Epic launched Fortnite. Gamers familiar with this game have something new to look up to in the latest release dubbed Fortnite OG. Here is a look into the new update.

New Changes

The latest release is a dream that comes with nostalgia. There are vast changes and tweaks in the mechanical gameplay. First, the season is expected to be a shorter one, hence a smaller battle pass (OG pass). This features 50 tiers of throwback incentives, unlike the previous version, which had over 100.

Secondly, the update is subsequent in that there will be weekly additions to showcase different modes of Chapter 1, Seasons 5 to X (10). Some tweaks will be in multiple scenes and could be covered throughout the season, with others lasting a week or so. 

Another addition can be seen in reintroducing older and rear features like gliders and skins. Besides, you can interact with reimagined items, mashing up previous characters and several new ones. The new items are rare and worth checking for gamers hoping to engage with uncommon cosmetics. For gamers and gamblers, here are details of what you will encounter in the update. You can head to the GGBet CSGO betting section if you prefer betting on Counter-Strike. 

Improved OG Weapons 

The loot pool is one section you should consider checking. Epic introduces a new hotfix. It features multiple Chapter 1 seasons. Look out for the following updates. Gamers can check the hopping Cart, Damage trap, Boogie Bomb, all-terrain kart, and grappler in the initial release. Subsequent weeks will come with more tweaks, including​g minutes turret, chiller trap, Buried treasure, pirate cannon, air strike, proximity grenade, storm flip, and junk rift.

Expected Map Changes

A new release usually comes with map adjustments. Such developments are a big deal for gamers who have longed for the rumored return of Chapter 1. The anticipation is now over, and Epic Developer hasn't disappointed with additions to the Fortnite OG map changes. 

Like the hotfix, there are weekly map changes that will bring the reimagination to a new level. The first week of the release will reflect the Chapter 1 Season 5 version. However, the coming weeks will replicate maps similar to season 6 with additional changes. 

Fortnite OG Pass

The current update titles the battle pass as Fortnite OG Pass. It is similar to previous versions but has fewer incentives and skins. The lineup of four skins is familiar for avid Fortnite players and may not affect the gameplay, but new gamers could struggle to navigate this. Look out for the following characters:

  • Lil split
  • Renegade lynx
  • Omegarok
  • Spectra night

Other perks in the OG pass include gliders, back bling, and loading screens. Fortnite's flair is still evident despite the reduction in rewards. 

Fortnite OG Shop

Players can get several rare items at the in-game shop (OG shop). These include the hard-to-find cosmetics, mashups of previous releases, and new ideas. Epic developer has an addition at the OG shop that will excite players; Steve Harrington and Stranger Things' Eleven have skins. In addition, Demogorgon and Sheriff Hopper will be returning. All these tweaks mean the update will be unique ever since the launch of Fortnite. 

Other expected updates include Secret XP Gnomes and faster ranking in the Unreal rank to compensate for the season's short duration. Gamers can get rewards like Rankers Tags for easily completing the Ranked Urgent Quests. Progressing within the ranks unlocks more features. 

In a nutshell, Fortnite OG is a four-week series; here are the notable dates for mechanical adjustments and tweaks:

  • 9th November will feature a season 6-themed update (six shooters and quadcrashers).
  • 16th November reflects season 7 and 8 themes: mini-guns and stormwind planes. 
  • 23rd November reflects seasons 9 and X, Jetpacks and the baller, respectively.