What people call exotic, or more correctly erotic movies are not "p*rnographic material", neither are they fetishes or mere fantasies of someone who does not dare to create them in the real world. In fact, this exotic movies list will be looking into stories that explore all aspects of human sexuality and intimacy, analyzing the depth of the forbidden desire and what we are willing to do, tolerate or break in order to have what we want, and even the psychology behind all that.

Top 10 Exotic Movies List

The world is constantly evolving, and the most exotic movies list must do the same. The stories in the exotic movies list respond to the context, anxieties, culture, and ideology of the world in which they take place.

In the last 10 years, erotic cinema has become an art form that mixes desire, horror, comedy, and drama. There's a mix of innocent and funny stories and other brutal and terrifying ones, which use sex as a key element to let us see what that is within the characters, but also ourselves.

Top 10 Exotic Movies List That Really Raises The Temperature

The exotic movies list 2020 of the most recent ones is very, very long and everyone has their personal favorites. But when it comes to erotic movies, there are a few that have left their mark and revolutionized the industry and its way of telling stories.

For this occasion, our best exotic movies list will be looking at some of them. And this is not an exotic movies list Hollywood exclusive version either, as we will include some of the best international productions out there:

Top 10 Best Exotic Movies List That Can Raise The Room Temperature

1. Elle

Isabelle Huppert received an Oscar nomination for this Paul Verhoeven thriller that portrays sex as a weapon of power and control, or even of perversion. Huppert plays Michèle, a woman who is violently raped in her own home but decides not to be the victim and sets a trap for her own attacker.

The story gets more twisted when she begins to suspect that her kind neighbor may have been the culprit and does everything she can to bring him down and find out the truth. It's not exactly Stockholm Syndrome, but there is a moment when Michèle is clearly attracted to her attacker.

2. Climax

Gaspar Noe (Irreversible, Enter The Void) directs this sexual, psychedelic, trance-like nightmare about what we can do when there are no inhibitions. It all begins when a group of dancers meets in an abandoned school to rehearse their latest choreography.

Locked up and tired, they decide to celebrate a bit but discover that their drinks had LSD in them, and what follows is a whirlwind of confusion, dancing, and sex, which turns into a bloody and wicked outburst of uninhibition, leaving you caught between desire, fear, and sickness.

3. High Life

This is one of the best Robert Pattinson movies on this exotic movies list, that leaves the Twilight series behind once and for all. Directed by Claire Denis, this violent sexual thriller is strange and impossible to miss. It takes place in an alternate future in which a group of prisoners was sent to a space station to take part in an experiment on reproduction in space.

The experiment is supervised by Juliette Binoche, who plays a doctor obsessed with semen and is willing to do anything to get results. High Life is confusing, exciting, intense, and shocking, and it certainly awakens something strange in the viewer.

4. The Diary of a Teenage Girl

Bel Powley stars in this smart, funny, sour, and sexual comedy by Marielle Heller, which you should definitely not see in a public place. The Diary of a Teenage Girl turns sexual awakening into a kind of superpower for a 1970s teenager who is determined to take control of her own life and desires.

She begins her journey by starting a forbidden relationship with her mom's boyfriend, of whom she gets bored when she begins to explore her own limits, fears, and prejudices about sex. One of the more light-hearted productions on this exotic movies list.

5. Under The Skin

The Jonathan Glazer movie with Scarlett Johansson is strange, disturbing, and has a charged sexual energy. The story is a warning about the danger of letting yourself be carried away by all your desires and temptations follows a mysterious woman who convinces men to go with her by making them believe that they are going to have sex.

But in reality, she devours them and goes on her own journey of self-discovery. Of course, the woman is no ordinary "her", as you would soon realize.

6. The Handmaiden

Park Chan-wook directs this adaptation of Sarah Waters' novel, Fingersmith. The Handmaiden is a mix between a love story and a Hitchcock thriller, with a good dose of sex, fetishes, taboos, and even an octopus.

This is a story of contrasts and betrayals, which begins when a woman is hired to become a "handmaiden" for a Japanese heiress, becoming trapped in a conspiracy to destroy her and in a forbidden relationship.

7. Nymphomaniac (Vol. I and II)

Lars Von Trier is the master of disturbing cinema, and in this film, he explores that with a sexual tone that feels dangerous and magnetic at the same time. Nymphomaniac, starring the brilliant Charlotte Gainsbourg, tells the story of a woman whose addiction to sex has caused her to stop feeling pleasure or intimacy.

Eventually, this leads her to seek ever more intense experiences and to run into a man marked by his own demons and twisted desires. The film is an exploration of sexuality in adolescence and adult life, from a dark corner that is not usually shown in the cinema. On this exotic movies list, it's also one you should definitely not be watching with family members around.

8. Phantom Thread

Not all erotic movies are sexually explicit. Sometimes it's about suggested movements, attitudes, intentions, and moments - like in this Paul Thomas Anderson movie starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Vicky Krieps.

The movie makes you desire the clothes, the colors, the music, and the shapes, which create a feeling of intimacy from the beginning to the movie's most intense moments, where everything can go right or wrong in a single second.

Day-Lewis plays a designer who has learned to appreciate beauty in all its forms, leading him to develop an intense relationship with his newest muse, a strong and explosive woman who is carried away by her own desires.

9. Blue Is the Warmest Colour

The incredible acting lies at the heart of this movie. The mind of director Kechiche gives us a story of about three hours long of a same-sex couple with a lot of aspirations of their own and is inspired as an adaptation of a graphic novel. It is not a masterpiece but its provocative function works, while the editing and camera work are definitely in the movie's favor. A well-controlled erotic chaos.

10. The Skin I Live In

Pedro Almodóvar is one of the few directors who has managed to capture the true essence of women in cinema, but this story is not about that. Antonio Banderas is a kind of hero and villain, a “crazy” scientist who, after the death of his daughter, decides to look for the man who harmed her that led to her death.

The man is kidnapped for the scientist to perform an operation to turn him into a woman and force him to put on his daughter's shoes. But, the experiment becomes more disturbing when the doctor decides to give his victim the face of someone familiar, and ends up developing an obsession for his "creation."

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