The hottest video game characters 2020 or in the past have been with us ever since video games could begin to render the human shape. Graphical improvement in games has led to an ever-increasing level of detail of these sexy videogame characters. Nowadays, it's getting difficult to tell the difference between fiction and reality.

Characters are crucial to any game, not just the sexiest game characters. Some, like Portal and Slender, have only one or two, and others, like Mass Effect, League of Legends, and World of Warcraft, have a gigantic cast.

Characters are vital to any game with a story, just like in books and movies, characters can sink their claws into you, make you laugh and cry and greatly affect the fun of a game. And if they are the sexiest video game characters, they can make you feel "other" things, too.

Among so many heroes, whoever they are, the hottest video game characters are the ones that draw the most attention. Whether for their ability or physical exaggeration, they are always a real highlight. And for this reason, disputes erupt over which hot female game characters are the strongest, sexiest, or whatever...

Anyway, here's a list of the 10 best hottest game characters 2020 in the game universe:

10 Hottest Video Game Characters 2020

Ada Wong (Resident Evil)

Ada Wong is a remarkable character, alongside others in the Resident Evil series. She has a mysterious and sexy side, as well as being an assassin who has a variety of clothes and jobs throughout her stories. Her mystery and ambiguity make her even more fascinating. A great entry on this hottest video game characters 2020 list.

Ada Wong Resident Evil


Chun Li (Street Fighter)

Chun-Li has been an iconic fighting character since her first appearance in Street Fighter 2. Chun-Li was the first female fighting character in a video game to gain widespread recognition. In the Street Fighter games, she is an Interpol agent who seeks to avenge her father's death by finding and defeating the series' main villain, M. Bison.

Her powerful legs and dress are just as iconic as her fighting style. Definitely one of the hot video game characters 2020 or in any year.

2B (NieR: Automata)

Although the game NieR: Automata received critical acclaim for its story and expansive world, the thing that caught most people's eyes when the video game came out was one of the main protagonists: 2B. She is a battle android created to fight against the Machines sent by Aliens to conquer Earth.

As a character, she is tough, caring, and has an incredible journey about the human condition and morality. But frankly, the amount of 2B fanart and cosplays that are out there kinda tells you what the people's interests are when it comes to the character, including for making the hottest video game characters 2020 list.

Juliet Starling (Lollipop Chainsaw)

The character is an unusual combination of a blonde American cheerleader wearing pom-poms and slaying zombies with a chainsaw, hence Lollipop Chainsaw. The video game is much more memorable for the character design of Juliet than the gameplay itself. But that just makes making this list easier.

Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)

Lara Croft is possibly one of the most famous video game girls in the world. She is also often considered one of the hottest video game characters! With a characteristic look of a tight blouse and braid (most recently a ponytail), her exploration and combat skills, and a soft English accent, Lara is definitely one of the most loved female game characters.

Morrigan (Dragon Age)

Morrigan broke some hearts in his debut masterpiece of fantasy BioWare, Dragon Age: Origins, and probably broke a few more in her appearance in the Inquisition. Morrigan is an unusual character, who is the daughter of a witch and an apostate magician who grew up in the Korcari jungle.

Her logic, disdain for worldly treasures, and an alternative view of life made her irresistible to many players and remains one of the sexiest game characters to this day.

Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy VII)

A powerful and beautiful fighter like few others. And in the cutscenes, we are always fascinated by her massive...personality, in addition to having the most beautiful looks.

Mai Shiranui (The King of Fighters)

One of the most iconic characters of the 90s and up until this day, who hails from the SNK fighting games. She is another character famous for her huge...personality and fighting skills on this hottest video game characters 2020 list. This kunoichi (female ninja) is a much-adored character.

Quiet (Metal Gear Solid 5)

The literally quiet assassin is one of the supporting characters of Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear Solid 5. Dutch model Stefanie Joosten provided the likeness for Quiet's appearance and her motion capture. For sure, her scantily-clad appearance in the game is for navigating in combat flexibly as a field sniper. Right?!

Or maybe she expected to deploy in locations near beaches and resorts. One thing is for certain, we'd never find out why from Quiet herself.

Bayonetta (Bayonetta)

She is the only one of the characters on this hottest video game characters 2020 list who gives the video game franchise its name and who stars in it almost exclusively. This black-haired witch in tight leather jumpsuits is as beautiful as she is deadly.

Bayonetta is one of the few games where even the glamorous looks of the characters actually add to the artistic direction of the game and not just function as eye-candy. For those not in the know, her outfit is actually made out of her hair.

Of course, there are many others that are not on this list, such as Rayne (BloodRayne), Samus Aran (Metroid)...among many others. So how about helping us and telling us your list so we can find out more the sexiest video game characters in the virtual world?

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