Many bewitching women in real life were chosen to be the prototype of beautiful female characters in video games. How many of them do you know? Check out some significant names here with

Natasha Alam & Helena Harper In Resident Evil 6

The famous sexy actress and model, Natasha Alam, is the prototype of RE 6’s character Helena Harper. Natasha has appeared on the covers of many popular magazines like Maxim and Playboy. In this game, Helena is a beautiful girl struggling in her unrequited love towards Leon.

Natasha Alam

But her prototype in real life, Natasha Alam, is a mature girl who got married since she was only 20. Moreover, Natasha’s husband, Amir Ebrahim Pahlavi Alam, is a member of the Iranian Royal Family.

Natasha Alam 2009

Stefanie Joosten & Quiet in Konami’s Metal Gear Solid 5

Quite is one of the most beautiful and sexy female characters in the game industry. If you’re a fan of Konami’s Metal Gear Solid 5, you know that this character always wears sexy outfits. It’s because she can only drink and breathe through her skin. The beautiful girl got that after-effects when she tried to escape from Big Boss’s chase in the hospital attack.

Stefanie Joosten 1

Stefanie Joosten

After the treatment, Quite have to wear bikinis all the time. Otherwise, she could die from suffocation when dressing up neatly. Her archetype in real life is Stefanie Joosten who is a Netherlandish model and actress living in Japan. But the developers only upgraded the size of the in-game character’s boobs to make her look sexier. Moreover, the actress also dubs the game in Quite’s role.

Minka Kelly & North in Detroit: Become Human

North, the beautiful girlfriend of Markus in Detroit: Become Human is the in-game character of Minka Kelly. Minka is a bewitching American actress and model. Fans of Detroit all know that North is an Android robot in WR400 "Traci" genre. She was made for a sexual purpose.

Minka Kelly North Detroit Become Human

That’s the reason why the producer chooses the sexy actress Minka Kelly, the world’s sexiest woman in 2010, as North’s prototype.

Minka Kelly 1

Anna Moleva & Elizabeth in BioShock Infinite

This case of Anna Moleva is totally contrary to the above stories. Most developers took inspirations from real women to make these characters of North, Quite, and Helena Harper. Meanwhile, the in-game character Elizabeth in BioShock Infinite was a product of BioShock Infinite developers’ imagination.

Anna Moleva Cosplays

Then, the coser named Anna Moleva cosplayed this character. However, she looks so alike the in-game girl Elizabeth that a BioShock developer offered Anna to work as the model. After that, Anna was chosen as the model to appear in the role of Elizabeth in their trailers, posters, and films.

Anna Moleva