Two months ago, PUBG Mobile launched a new Character System that allows players to become a character with a background story and unique strengths. However, ever since then there was only one character called Victor available. But that seems about to change as a YouTuber called Mr.GHOST GAMING just post a leak video on his channel, showing that we are getting a new female character named Sara.

Season 10 New Leaks New Character Sara S10 Release 8547_wm
Sara will the second character in PUBG Mobile and the first female character

Like Victor, Sara will have her own unique strengths. She is a "Vehicle Expert" and good at “reinforcing vehicles.”  When Sara is driving or riding a vehicle, that vehicle will take less damage. The effect of this skill will increase with the level of Sara by using her in matches. She will also get her own exclusive outfits, voice lines, emotes.

Season 10 New Leaks New Character Sara S10 Release 71b9_wm
Sara will have her own skins, outfits and emotes

You can use Sara in all modes in PUBG Mobile, but note that her skill is only effective in Evo-ground modes. So if you use Sara in classic modes then you will only have her appearance and not her skill. This implement is to ensure fairness to all players.

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Season 10 will be coming to PUBG Mobile on November 9

According to the YouTuber, Sara will come to PUBG Mobile along with the 0.15.5 update in Season 10, which will arrive on November 9. Apart from a new character, Season 10 will bring players a new car called Zima exclusively for Vikendi, a new SMG gun called MP5K, a new Royale Pass and lots of new skins.

In other news, the PMCO South Asia Regional Finals is starting tomorrow at KD Jadhav Indoor Hall, New Delhi. Come to see the best PUBG Mobile teams fight for their chance the get to the PMCO Grand Finals and meet your favorite PUBG Mobile players.