New science fiction movies, including those new science fiction movies in Hindi, have always had to rely on arguments, creatures, and ideas of the time. For example, the science fiction cinema of the 1950s, with its paranoia and its Martian invasions, is inconceivable without the genre literature that was produced at the same time.

new science fiction movies in hindi

When coming up with a Hollywood science fiction movies in Hindi list, we have to consider what counts as sci-fi: Science fiction is that branch of fantasy cinema where, within the logic of the story, there is a scientific justification for what happens.

It is important to keep in mind the "logic of the story" because there are films with a very loose take on plausibility. So this list of top 5 science fiction movies in Hindi dubbing would be the Hollywood best science fiction movies in Hindi list that follows that sci-fi rule closely.

new science fiction movies in hindi

Of course, in this list of new science fiction movies in Hindi, we are including the most recent movies with Hindi dubbing available, official or otherwise. Certain classics have unfortunately not had proper dubbing.

Top 5 New Science Fiction Movies in Hindi Dubbing You Need to Watch

Interstellar (2014)

'Interstellar' is truly one of the great new science fiction movies in Hindi of Cristopher Nolan not only because of the story, which is able to keep you glued to the sofa for the 169 minutes it lasts but because of how physical theories such as wormholes and relativity have been introduced. Evidently it helped to have Kip Thorne, a scientific advisor.

Also, there was a lot that went into the small details, like when the ship moves in space there is no sound. It also stands out for how concepts such as singularity, gravity, or space-time are explained so that even the least familiar with physics are able to understand them. It is one of those movies that any science fiction fan should see at least once in a lifetime.

Mad Max: Fury Road (2014)

There are few lists of the best of the decade in which 'Mad Max: Fury Road' is not, including this list of new science fiction movies in Hindi. In the great pages of culture and entertainment, you can find the fourth part of the Mad Max franchise that changed post-apocalyptic cinema in the first place in many of them.

George Miller's film ruffled us on the movie screen and we haven't recovered from that one. The feeling left was that after that, no action movie was going to live up to it.

The Martian (2015)

A story about a castaway on Mars. The idea of ​​being alone on a desert island, but on a planetary level. Behind this shocking premise is a perhaps not-so-renowned Ridley Scott masterpiece. With mind-blowing photography, a timed beat, and a great performance by Matt Damon, 'The Martian' is a faithful recreation of what such adversity would entail.

Like almost all the films of the genre, scientifically speaking it may have some flaws, but it is noted that this time they put special care and the film breathes science in small details such as the protective suit, the travel times, the pressurized habitat or the rescue itself. A survival drama that manages to transmit and reach the viewer, without losing a point of irony and optimism.

Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

It is open and healthy to debate whether 'Infinity War' is the best MCU film, or not, but it is beyond doubt that the masterpiece of Marvel Studios is also the standard-bearer of the Superhero Science Fiction genre on the big screen of the decade. What's more, it has been praised as 'The Empire Strikes Back' of our generation.

Not all the merit lies in its 149 minutes - which fly by - but in the way of bringing together ten years of individual stories and intertwined in a real carousel of emotions, special effects, a technology that borders on fantasy and battles that take place on different planets. With Tony Stark at the helm, no less. Pure Sci-Fi, yes, but also a pure spectacle.

The Russo Brothers knew how to collect the baton from Marvel studios and elevate the ensemble to all levels, blowing the heads of millions of spectators worldwide and turning Thanos and his infamous cosmic snap into a timeless icon.

new science fiction movies in hindi

One of those movies that occur once a year and with luck. But, above all, it is a production among the new science fiction movies in Hindi that manages to expand the limits of science fiction in such a natural way - and without renouncing explosiveness so that it becomes enjoyable for all audiences.

The movie managed to put together a plot reserved for other space operas and ambitious plots with the artificial intelligence, cyberpunk, dystopias, or robotics of a whole decade. Which eclipses even Avengers: Endgame, its own sequel.

A Quiet Place (2018)

The golden rule of any science fiction work: if you set clear limits, you cannot break them via a single event. This is what 'A Quiet Place' managed to pull off quite well, by creating an oppressive environment in which no one is spared from the premise of the movie.

And yes, the premise is insane: Mysterious alien creatures capable of hearing even the smallest noise have brought Earth to the apocalypse, killing anyone who speaks, steps on a branch, or whispers a little louder. I mean, the aliens are after your father taking a nap.

new science fiction movies in hindi

John Krasinski sets the rules of the game so beautifully that we enter with him into a fascinating universe that lasts for as much as it should and possibly, cannot continue beyond (despite the announced sequel). The most suffocating film, the cinematic experience with the most nerve-racking nerves in recent months.

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