When discussing some of the most outstanding role-playing games ever created, it's inevitable to include the Mass Effect series in the conversation. Despite the disappointing conclusion the series reached, it's impossible to overlook the fact that BioWare crafted a complex and captivating sci-fi universe that captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

Game4v Mass Effect
Mass Effect

Whether players opt for the original versions or the remastered Legendary Edition, revisiting Commander Shepard's tale is always a rewarding experience. Even Mass Effect: Andromeda has its share of commendable aspects. Nevertheless, considering the potentially lengthy wait for a new installment in the franchise, fans might want to explore alternative games similar to Mass Effect before this highly anticipated sci-fi saga finally makes its comeback in the modern gaming market.


Apart from The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Starfield was one of the most eagerly awaited games of 2023, a sentiment that could be extended to encompass the entire 2020s thus far. Bethesda, known for focusing on established RPG giants like Fallout and The Elder Scrolls, seldom ventures into new intellectual properties. Hence, Starfield was destined to draw significant attention, symbolizing the emergence of a new cornerstone in gaming that had the potential to be groundbreaking. The enormous anticipation, however, carries a risk; if the game falls short of perfection, it might disappoint players. It's premature to label this sci-fi RPG as an all-time classic. Nevertheless, Starfield is, at the very least, excellent.


Bethesda takes an unexpectedly gradual approach, introducing players gently into a vast universe spanning across the stars. True to the company's tradition, Starfield offers players extensive character customization options, including traits and backgrounds, indicating the game's focus on player agency. While players can follow the main storyline, most will likely spend their time exploring Starfield's numerous planets, engaging in activities such as constructing and upgrading ships, completing side quests, interacting with companions, battling pirates, and a myriad of other endeavors.

While Mass Effect and Starfield differ significantly in key aspects, fans of the former should not expect an identical experience with the latter. However, both games stand out as space-based RPGs, featuring intricate customization and skill trees, compelling narratives, solid to exceptional combat mechanics, and robust companion systems.

Deus Ex

Discussing narrative-focused role-playing games would be incomplete without acknowledging the masterpiece that is Deus Ex. Although the game may appear outdated by contemporary standards, it's indisputable that both its gameplay and storyline continue to stand out as refreshing experiences within the video game industry.

With its remarkable level design and a captivating narrative involving conspiracy theories and corporate espionage, Deus Ex remains one of the finest video games ever created.

The Witcher 3

Discussing exceptional action role-playing games would be incomplete without acknowledging the masterpiece that is The Witcher 3. Released by CD Projekt Red in 2015, this RPG received widespread acclaim upon its launch, and its expansions only served to enhance its stellar reputation.

The Witcher 3 Wall
Witcher 3

Despite the high fantasy genre being vastly different from sci-fi, The Witcher 3 stands out due to its exceptional storytelling and fidelity, making it a compelling recommendation for Mass Effect enthusiasts. In addition to its strong main questline, the game's side content is incredibly diverse and unparalleled in the action RPG genre.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original Sin 2, a turn-based tactical RPG, offers a gameplay experience vastly different from Mass Effect, potentially discouraging fans of the latter. However, Larian Studios' masterpiece shares several commendable features with BioWare's franchise: exceptional world-building, party-based combat, and intelligent storytelling. If Mass Effect represents a comprehensive sci-fi RPG package, it could be argued that Divinity: Original Sin 2 achieves a similar feat, albeit with a focus on fantasy.

Divinity Original Sin Ii Definitive Edition
Divinity Original Sin II

The players invests significant time and effort into its combat, resulting in a profound and challenging system that requires players to think several moves ahead. The battles are complemented by a captivating narrative that underscores player freedom and customization, surpassing even Mass Effect in this aspect.


Although it lacks Mass Effect's expansive space exploration and social team-building dynamics, Control delivers exceptional gameplay and an abundance of intriguing concepts and narratives. The game unfolds within the Federal Bureau of Control building, a facility where the government investigates inexplicable phenomena beyond human understanding. Jesse enters the headquarters in search of her brother, only to discover the FBC in disarray due to the invasion of the Hiss. Inside the building, reality itself is unraveling.


While Control's main storyline isn't particularly remarkable, the game excels in its self-contained side stories that delve into specific phenomena. Gameplay-wise, Remedy impresses by seamlessly integrating third-person gunplay with satisfying supernatural abilities. In some respects, Control plays akin to a third-person game developed by Arkane Studios. It's worth noting that a sequel is currently in development.


Greedfall's launch was strategically timed, coinciding with the disastrous release of BioWare's Anthem in the same year. For fans disheartened by the declining quality of one of the most renowned RPG developers, Spiders provided a glimmer of hope by attempting to revive the golden era of Western RPGs.

Greedfall Normalhero 01 Ps4 Us 19june2019

Compared to Spiders' previous releases, Greedfall represented a substantial improvement. It stood out as an excellent choice for those who appreciate the intricate storytelling and impactful decision-making reminiscent of Mass Effect's narrative depth.

Gears of War

Gears of War fundamentally transformed the landscape of third-person shooters when it was launched, establishing cover-based gameplay as a significant sub-genre. Despite numerous efforts to challenge its dominance, this Xbox franchise remains a benchmark, with the games standing the test of time admirably.

Gears Of War 4
Gears of War

While Gears of War lacks the depth, complexity, and freedom of choice seen in Mass Effect, its linear narrative still manages to captivate with its emotional intensity. In terms of gameplay, Gears of War excels in almost every aspect, and all the main games in the series are, at the very least, of high quality.

Fallout: New Vegas

Among all the titles in the Fallout series, New Vegas appears to achieve an ideal harmony between classic decision-making and modern gameplay trends. However, it's worth noting that players often need to mod the game extensively to fully enhance their experience.

18744 Full Fallout New Vegas Game Wallpapers Hd Wa
New Vegas

Those who invest the effort in modding this game can indulge in one of the most exceptional role-playing adventures available. Every action the player takes, whether a significant story choice or a minor stat improvement, genuinely impacts the overall narrative, providing a profound sense of consequence in the game world.

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