Kungfu Hustle full movie is an amazing work of Stephen Chow, an international superstar from Hong Kong. Stephen Chow, or Chow Sing Chi, made a really worth-watching movie. After 16 years, he confirmed to make the sequel Kungfu Hustle 2. Why did it take him such a long time to make this decision? Check it out here at Gurugamer.com.

Kung Fu Hustle Full Movie (2004)

This is a comedy-action movie produced in Hong Kong in 2004. Chow Sing Chi was the director and lead actor of this movie. It's a great movie for fans of Stephen Chow and the comedy-action movie genre. The movie is impacted a lot by the novels of Jin Yong, a great novelist with a lot of famous works about Kungfu. If you are a fan of Chow, it's easy to see that most of his movies are influenced by Jin Yong's Kungfu novels.

Kung Fu Hustle
Kung Fu Hustle is an interesting comedy-action movie by Chow Sing Chi

The movie has many values, from entertainment to education. But the messages are not revealed too obviously. Instead, the filmmakers sent it to audiences subtly and cleverly. Therefore, Kungfu Hustle is not too boring, formal, and dry. Audiences can learn different lessons even in laugh-out-loud scenes. In terms of plot, values, and cast, the film is the best work in Chow's career. That's why Kungfu Hustle brought him a lot of big rewards in Hong Kong and the International Film Awards.

Kung Fu Hustle Full Movie In Hindi: Plot

The plot of this movie can be divided into three parts, also three periods in the way to becoming a Kungfu master of the main character.

Slum Of Unrenowned Kungfu Masters

China in the 1940s was a mess. The life and social order were controlled by Mafia groups. Among them, the Axe Gang was a great threat to every people in that region at that time. Brother Sam, the leader of Axe Gang is bloodthirsty and violent. Pigsty Alley is the only place the Axe Gang does not control because people there are too poor.

Brother Sam
Brother Sam - the bloodthirsty leader of Axe Gang

One day, Sing (played by Chow Sing Chi) and Bone, his sidekick posed the Axe Gang member to extort a hairdresser in the Pigsty Alley. However, most of the residents in this poor alley are either Kungfu Masters or powerful men. In trying to escape, Sing threw a firecracker but it fell on the head of a leader in Axe Gang. It blew up a war between Axe Gang and Pigsty Alley.

Pigsty Alley
The Pigsty Alley where anonymous kungfu masters live

The day after, Sing applied to join Axe Gang but the leader required him to kill a man to prove his loyalty. Sing and Bone returned to the Pigsty Alley to kill the Landlady but they failed. Moreover, the Landlady chased them for revenge. Sing luckily escaped and came home. He punched the metal wall and recognized his potential in practicing the Kungfu named "Palm of Ru Lai".

Sing Met His Old Friend

In the next part of Kung Fu Hustle full movie Hindi, the main character Sing starts to practice Palm of Ru Lai Kungfu. Returning to the previous part, after the fight between Axe Gang and Pigsty Alley, Brother Sam hires two assassins to kill the masters in the Pigsty Alley for revenge. After some innocent residents were killed, the Landlord and Landlady of Pigsty Alley broke their oath and appeared to defeat two Harpist assassins.

Ice Cream Vendor Fong
When Sing decided to rob an ice-cream vendor, he recognized she was the little girl Fong who woke his hero dream up.

The two Kungfu masters also forbid Sam from returning to the Pigsty Alley. Meanwhile, Sing and Bone continued to extort passengers on a bus. However, they were defeated by those people, which made two young gangsters angry. Then, they rob a mute ice-cream vendor who was an old friend of Sing, Fong. Fong recognized Ting who protected her once when they were children. Her tears also woke Sing's conscience.

Landlady In Kungfu Hustle
The Landlady in Kungfu Hustle is one of two main Kungfu masters in the Pigsty Alley

Then, Sing and Bone got a mission of freeing Beast, an old Kungfu master from the Madhouse.

Became A Kungfu Mater

After being freed from the Madhouse, Sum assigned Beast to kill the Landlord and Landlady. When the war is intense, Sam asked Sing to kill the Landlord couple but Sing beats Beast by accident. Then, Beast got angry and turned to beat Sing. The Landlord couple escaped and tried to rescue Sing from the Axe Gang.

Kungfu Hustle Action Scene
Kungfu Hustle Has A Lot Of Spectacular Action Scenes

Moreover, Beast killed Sam to assume the control of Axe Gang and chased Sing and the Landlord couple. When the Beast caught them in the Pigsty Alley, Sing became a master of Palm of Ru Lai Kungfu. As the normal motif, the main character would have some troubles but he still defeated Beast and the Axe Gang. Sing, Bone, Fong, and the Pigsty residents had a happy ending after all.

Sing Defeat Axe Gang
After All, Sing Became A Kungfu Master And Defeated Axe Gang And Beast

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This is a brief review of Kungfu Hustle full movie. It's really interesting and worth-watching movie. You can watch and explore this story while waiting for the upcoming sequel. To update the latest movie news as well as more film reviews, let's visit our website.